It’s September 11th & It’s Okay To Wear Purple …..

September 10, 2009 |

One of the hottest debates in Baltimore is “what do we wear to work on Friday?” No, I’m not referring to the usual Friday, during football season …..

Indeed, I’m talking about THIS FRIDAY …..

We have a conflict of sorts, huh? It’s “Purple Friday” and Ravens fans commonly wear their best purple ensemble to work and school, if respective superiors allow it. Yet, things are a little different for this particular Friday …..

This is a day when most Americans will pause to recall one of the greatest tragedies in our nation’s history. It’s the 8th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September, 11th, 2001. It’s a terribly sobering day for all of us.

I’ve heard some Baltimoreans are conflicted over a sense of excitement as the Ravens season is now just hours away, while the reality of a very sad day is here. Specifically, some folks feel it might be disrespectful to wear a Ravens jersey to work or school, today.

Some people might think anything related to fun, leisure or pleasure is best reserved for another day – ANY DAY – aside from September 11th. If you’re conflicted, I’m gonna try to sway your doubts or subdued guilt.

If you want to wear purple ….. wear purple. It doesn’t make you any less American – PROUD AMERICAN – than someone sporting Uncle Sam’s threads.

The spirit of who you are and the values for which you stand are measured through good deeds and responsible citizenry. Your love for country OR soldiers OR freedoms OR veterans are clearly displayed in the way your life unfolds.

Are you a good dad? Are you a loving mom? Do you support your family? Does your child look to you as their role model? Have you served this nation? Do you respect and support public safety? Is this country’s less fortunate a concern to you? Do you aspire for a GREAT America?

If you answered “Yes” to just a few of these questions, you’re a GOOD AMERICAN. It doesn’t take a walking ensemble of red, white and blue to qualify you as a proud citizen of this country, on any day. Including, September 11th.

While we continue to mourn and remember those whose lives were forever affected by the September 11th tragedies, we can also realize that the fabric of sports and family entertainment have helped in coping through life’s darker moments.

Football is very much a family staple in this country. If you’re a Ravens fan, there is a distinct chance you enjoy Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis, John Harbaugh and the efforts of others in the context of a family atmosphere.

LIVING and LOVING as a family, is very American.

Perhaps, this is just a reminder not to get too caught up in your normal Friday activities. Take a few moments to remember the families who’ve lost loved ones and this nation as we continue to heal – 8 years later.

However, I’m also imploring you to wear that PURPLE, if you desire. It’s very “American” to do so. While this is not a typical Friday, it’s still a day to celebrate values, freedom and sacrifice. And, these virtues have no distinct colors.

Thanks for reading …..