It’s September 2009, Remember when…

April 14, 2009 |

We ‘ve gone through this now for the past several years.  The Orioles tease us for about the first half of the season, and then stupidly someone utters the word “playoffs.”  This ultimately drops the Orioles off a cliff bigger than the Grand Canyon.  It’s September 2009, and we look back thinking “what went wrong?”

Well, it’s April 14th, the Orioles have a 5-2 record (which by the way was against the Yankees, Rays, and the very offensive Rangers).  You can look at the standings and smile for a little while…the Orioles are in 2nd place and the Yankees are 3-4, one game above the last place Red Sox.  Last night’s game against the Rangers was the exact game we all thought would be our standard this year…bad pitching and a lot of offense where the score is 10-9, 12-10, etc.  Hopefully, the first few games that we played weren’t as much of a fluke as I think they were.  But we do this every year—they get our hopes up and then we come down so fast that they should check for a sonic boom.  Of course we should all hope for the best, but expect the worst.  At least we do finally have a long-term goal from the office staff.  They finally made the decision on going young so we can finally work our way into the up direction.   

For now, we should at least relish in what has happened for us, and of course for the Yankees.  Besides the fact that Yankee pitching is horrible and nothing is meshing for them, they had to use their first baseman to pitch in relief last night because they got spanked so bad by the Rays.  That had to be worth every penny of a Rays ticket.  And watching the Yankees write those 1/2 billion dollar checks while they can’t seem to get it together would be priceless too.