It’s Simple …. “THANK YOU”

July 13, 2009 |

Well, we’ve finally put a lid on our “Curing Cancer ….. One Call At A Time” fundraiser and I just wanted to take a few moments to share some memories and personal thoughts.

My first reaction is to say THANK YOU to everyone and anyone. So many selfless efforts contribute to such causes. And, I’ve learned these endeavors take a true team concept. It cannot be shouldered alone …..

I’d like to thank the ENTIRE WNST family for joining together on such short notice. I observed so many humane and selfless gestures from my co-workers and I’m grateful for the support. And, they gave of their time on a summer weekend.

I want to express a special THANKS to Nestor and Brian for providing the forum for our event. Without the WNST studios and infrastructure, this program would have been defeated in its infancy. This cannot be overstated.

I would like to convey my gratitude to Brad Howard, our General Manager, who stood beside us and rolled up his sleeves each and every day. The same credit goes to Emily Agueda; her devotion to cancer awareness is unquestioned. She has an amazing heart.

Our producers, Josh Hall and Chris Bonetti, enslaved themselves to a rigorous on-air schedule, and their efforts were awfully impressive. In fact, the producers are the lifeblood of all on-air programming.

Drew, Ray, Bob, Thyrl, Glenn and Such really helped behind the scenes and promotion, as well as during the marathon and I want to ensure they know I’m so appreciative for their kindness and friendship. Thanks, guys.

So many businesses provided financial support to this mission. Additional businesses provided for our well-being and survival, during the marathon They will all be recognized in a special, devoted writing.

The WNST listeners – what can I say ? You opened your hearts and wallets for a cause that touches EVERYONE. I’m overcome by your generosity. You, too, will be recognized in a separate devotion.

I want to recognize the many celebrities and personalities, who lent their name and time for the appeal and awareness of cancer treatment, in Baltimore. And, yes, they’ll be truly commended in an individual column.

Our partners at Harbor Hospital’s HarborView Cancer Center must be thanked for their TRUST in this dream. I went to them with nothing more than a promise and a compelling story. They bought it and I cannot readily express the indebted loyalty I feel to Jean Bunker, Dr. Jack Hong and Harbor President, Dennis Pullin.

Our families sacrificed for the entirety of the marathon’s journey. Our wives, Paula and Amy, both helped in ensuring we were prepared and nourished. Our children, Cheyenne and Ryan missed their dads for an entire day and night. And, Jason’s mother-in-law, Daryl, worked behind the scenes, as our experienced American Cancer Society advocate for cancer treatment and charitable fundraising.

Lastly, I want to thank Jason Jubb, personally. As my friend, he recognized this “dream” was important to me. He juggles a career and a family life, including the devoted care of his beautiful, baby boy. This was a true sacrifice of personal, family time.

While Jason has committed to the SUNDAY MORNING BLITZ and it’s success, that’s really limited to Sundays. He sat on the set for 24 straight hours. Heck, I even took a 90-minute breather in the middle of the night.

Thanks Jason, your friendship and consideration of a buddy’s plight is obviously unconditional.

And, I want to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE. I love BALTIMORE – it’s my home.