It’s time for football to cease at Auburn

November 17, 2010 | Drew Forrester

No matter what the fans, sponsors, administration and athletes at Auburn believe, the NCAA football season will carry on without the Tigers.

And it should, in fact, carry on without Auburn football for some pre-determined amount of time once the final word comes down – and it WILL come down – that Auburn forked over upwards of $200,000 to secure the services of Cam Newton.

AUBURN, AL - OCTOBER 16: Quarterback Cam Newton  of the Auburn Tigers throws a practice pass before the game against the Arkansas Razorbacks at Jordan-Hare Stadium on October 16, 2010 in Auburn, Alabama. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

If the NCAA has any integrity at all, they’ll simply pull the plug on Auburn’s “status” as an active member of the BCS football system.

See ya.

In three years, maybe.

The Cam Newton story features a different twist every day.  It contains more lies than a high school kid caught with beer on his breath after a night “at the library”.

Auburn gave that kid money to play for them.

They did.

He admitted as much, the quarterback did, when he phoned a Mississippi State assistant coach and told him that his (Newton’s) father had selected Auburn over their school because “the money was too much”.

That Cam Newton would involve himself in something as illegal as taking money to play college football isn’t a shock.  He’s a charlatan from jump street.  Booted out of Florida amid allegations of cheating, Newton can’t play the game fairly, both academically and athletically.

But in this case, he’s #2 on the hit list.

Public enemy #1 has to be Auburn.

And when it shakes out that they gave this kid $200,000 to play football for them, the only option the NCAA can choose is the one that includes telling the school they can’t field a football team again until 2013.

Yeah, yeah, I know…”But Drew, that punishes the kids who are there now playing by the rules.”

That’s correct, it does.

And that’s too bad.

Those kids should be allowed to transfer to whatever school they want without having to sit out a year.  While it’s true they didn’t do anything wrong, and therefore