It’s Tuesday, “It’s Ask Drew time”

June 02, 2009 | Drew Forrester

It’s Tuesday and the single most popular blog topic in Baltimore sports* is back and ready to tackle your pressing questions.

If you’re a rookie, you’re either hitting .133 (like Matt Wieters through four games) or you need a refresher course on how to participate in “Ask Drew”.

The refresher course:  You ask a question here…I answer it here.

Just don’t ask me the following:

“Drew, do you think LeBron James was wrong for not shaking hands after Game 6?”  You can’t ask that because the answer is obvious to everyone.  Yes.

“Drew, is there a chance Rick in Reisterstown ruins your day of golf this afternoon while he serves as your celebrity caddie at Pine Ridge?”  The answer there, obviously, is “yes”.  Would Brad Pitt’s game be affected if Jennifer Aniston had to caddie for him at a charity event?  I’m sure.  That’s the same kind of panic I’m facing with Rick hanging around.

Other than that, ask away.

Oh, who needs their oil changed?  I do.  If you do, you might just win a free oil change from All Tune and Lube on Reisterstown Rd.  How do you win?  Good question.  Just by asking a question here – that’s how.  Ask a question, get an answer (which means *ahem*, you have to ask a legitimate question Scott) and you can win the free oil change.  I’ll post the winner of the free oil change tomorrow.

Ask away.


* There’s no real data or survey results to back up this claim but I’m pretty certain it’s true.