I’ve Got An Offer For You …..

March 26, 2010 |

I always enjoy opportunities to meet WNST.net’s listeners and readers. Whether it’s an organized event or just an informal chance meeting, it’s rewarding to actually see the people who SUPPORT us.

So, in the spirit of putting faces to names, I’m going to buy a steak dinner for one of WNST’s fans. Is there a hook? Of course, there’s a hook. But, it’s not a very demanding one …..

Simply predict the Baltimore Orioles win/loss record for the 2010 season. If your prediction is the closest to the team’s actual record, you’ll be the WINNER. And, as a reward, we’ll head downtown on a mutually agreeable evening and I’ll buy you dinner at one of the nicer, upscale steakhouses …..


Which steakhouse? I don’t know, yet. Please understand WNST benefits from wonderful restaurant clients and it would be unfair to indirectly promote any ONE restaurant over others. Thus, we’ll leave the destination open-ended. But, rest assured, it’ll be a very nice evening.

Even if you’re not a devout baseball fan, it’s still fairly easy to play. Just take 162 games and guess how many of them will end up in the win column, for the Orioles. If you’re thinking 94 wins, so be it. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll stand alone on such a prediction, too.

However, if you are an Orioles fan, you’re probably starting to develop a firm feeling of what these guys are capable of doing.

Of course, you’ll have to consider the likelihood of aging newcomers staying healthy …..


And the prospect of “Baby Birds” will weigh into your decision, as well …..

This Orioles team, like many recent editions is fundamentally dependant on 2 or 3 guys having a decent season, and at least one “sleeper” catching us by surprise. If healthy, you can pencil Roberts, Markakis, Jones, Tejada and Scott in for usual, solid contributions. Keep health a factor and the Millwood/Guthrie combination will likely be a positive, too. Finally, toss good sophmore campaigns by Wieters, Matusz and Bergeson into the mix and the Orioles can exceed the typical results of the last decade.

As I said, the team depends on the above cast of characters STAYING ON THE FIELD …..

If the Orioles lose 2 or 3 of them, it’ll be quite difficult to tread water. Of course, the dependable, consistent guys are the keys to the equation. But, the likes of Nick Markakis and Adam Jones are also the surest of bets.

Winning this steak dinner is not as easy as some might think. You can predict the Yankees inside a 10-game window, right? They’ll likley win between 90-100 games. The same goes for the Red Sox. But, the Orioles are quite fragile. I can see them winning as many as 80 ballgames, and I can see them losing 100 games, again, as well.

I think the Orioles are a 20-game window team.

Hmmm ….. that creates a potential problem, right? Provided I receive at least 20 entries, we could end up with a tie between contributions. I’m nowhere near wealthy, so we’ll add a tiebreaker to the mix. Of course, it’s gotta be a good one – almost like a LOTTERY !!!!

The tiebreaker question has to be something NOBODY can rightfully predict. Oh yeah, I’ve got it. In addition to submitting an entry for the Orioles overall record, this season, you’ll also be required to predict how many innings this guy pitches …..

That’s right, I told you it would be tough. I don’t think anybody knows what to expect from Koji Uehara, huh?

While I’m pretty certain Dave Trembley isn’t really depending on any firm contribution from Koji, he’s likely to be delighted with anything beyond a month or two of decent health.

If Koji left us with any firm impressions after his 2009 campaign, it’s the doubt in his overall durability. He appears to be as tough as Erik Bedard – minus the blistering fastball and sneaky breaker. I know, what’s left? EXACTLY !!!!

It appears Koji is likely to rob David Hernandez of a final bullpen slot. I think that’s unfortunate for a team that is bent on it’s youth growing up together. But, it’s also a topic for another day.

How many innings will Koji pitch, in 2010? He could pitch as many innings as CC Sabathia …..

But, he could also end up pitching as many innings as the local, cat luvin’ tow truck driver …..

And, therein, lies the more difficult challenge to winning dinner.

Did I mention Ray Bachmann is coming with us? Of course, he is. I’m buying – and he doesn’t eat red meat. Still, it’s a night of hanging out with Rex & Ray (not a very appealing opportunity) and enjoying a meal, together.

Everyone, including WNST personalities, is invited to submit a prediction. However, WNST personalities will participate in representation of a specific fan. Thus, “Bob in Parkville” gets to play, too.

Please submit your predictions by Sunday, March 28th, at noon. I won’t post any predictions until ALL are received and accounted – there’s no need to play “The Price Is Right” and base your prediction on existing, posted ones, if you know what I mean. So, I’ll post all predictions at the same time – on Sunday evening.

Remember – simply predict the Orioles win/loss record, as well as Koji’s total innings pitched, in 2010. The win/loss record is the primary consideration. Koji’s total innings pitched is simply a tiebreaker.

Good Luck …..