Jaguars upset the Ravens

October 26, 2011 | Michael Schwartz

The Ravens went into Jacksonville and everyone predicted them to win. There was no way they could lose, but they did. The Jaguars beat the Ravens 12-7. The Jaguars defense played their best game of the year. The Ravens had zero first downs in the first half and didn’t have any points. The Ravens first nine possessions were eight punts and a fumble. On their tenth possession they got their first, first down of the game. They set Cundiff up for a 52 yard field goal but he missed way right. The Ravens had a 90 yard drive in the fourth quarter and scored a touchdown on a pass to Boldin. The Ravens went for an onside and missed by six inches. Nakamura recovered but it never went 10 yards. The Ravens held the Jaguars to a field goal, and got the ball back with 1:45 left in the game. After a first down, the Flacco threw an interception to seal the game. Ed Dickson ran a curl but never came back to the ball and it got picked off. The Jaguars sealed the 12-7 win on a horrendous offensive night by both teams.

The Ravens offensive line played their worst game of the year by far. Joe Flacco had no time and was hit early and often. The offensive line didn’t open any holes for Ray Rice or Ricky Williams, and they didn’t have any success running the ball. The Jaguars defensive line was dominating from the start. The Ravens had no answer, the offense was awful. When ESPN showed replays of receivers running routes, they were blanketed by the corners. There was no window for Flacco to throw it in, and when he tried the corner knocked it down or it was missed. He had some very good throws and a couple bad, but I can’t blame him when he got no time and no receivers open.

I think that the defense played well but there were a few things done poorly. They couldn’t stop MJD, he had 105 yards on the ground. They forced three fumbles on him but only recovered one. The defensive line wasn’t getting their regular push. Ngata wasn’t causing mayhem in the backfield, he was contained. Ed Reed was doing a lot of safety blitzes but not making the tackles in the backfield. Many defensive backs don’t tackle correctly anymore, they don’t use arms. They dive at the guy, and usually that will not bring down a running back who is running at full speed.

The Ravens defense needs to stop celebrating after every play they make. There is a sack, Suggs does a dance. There is a tackle in the backfield, everyone is celebrating. To me, Ray Lewis has brought this upon the Ravens team. The dance out of the tunnel at home is something he has been doing since he came here. He does it to pump up the team, I am ok with this. I am not ok with celebrating after a sack or a tackle. Especially when Suggs dances when the Ravens are down. I do not understand why Harbaugh doesn’t get mad. I don’t think Lewis does this as much, because he doesn’t dance after a play. He says things, but dancing is what I hate the most.

The Ravens are playing the Cardinals this week and if they do what they did on Monday Night then they will be 4-3. The Jaguars, 1-5, beat the Ravens who are now second in the AFC North. They are tied with the Bengals. The Browns are 3-3 and if the Ravens lose and the Browns win then they will be tied for second. The Ravens need to rebound and under Harbaugh they have done a great job at this.