Jason Garrett addresses the media (updated 5:15 pm)

January 15, 2008 | Drew Forrester

4:45 pm — Jason Garrett is 20 feet to my right, addressing the media.

He’s getting ready to head to the airport.  No one is quite sure where he’s going.

Back to Dallas?  Atlanta?  We’re trying to find that out.

One thing that SEEMS certain (the Ravens aren’t saying much, other than they “had a great day with him)…he’s leaving Baltimore and evidently is, at this point, NOT the Ravens Head Coach.

I’m gonna listen to him speak right now…back with more shortly.


Garrett met with the media for about 2 minutes. 

He said:  “I had a great day…a productive day…we got into town last night, had some meetings, talked a lot and it was off the charts.”

Someone asked him if an offer was made and he answered it in kind of a weird way, saying, “yeah,..it was all that I expected.” 

He didn’t really say “yes, they’ve offered me the job.” 

Kevin Byrne of the Ravens just said, “this is the beginning of round two of our interview process…we’re bringing in other people to interview later this week.”

Ozzie Newsome will be in Houston tomorrow to watch an East/West college bowl game practice and, Byrne indicated, there will not be any interviews tomorrow.


5:15 pm update — I asked Kevin Byrne if Jason Garrett is flying to Atlanta tonight for his 2nd interview with the Falcons.  Byrne:  “He’s going somewhere but I’m not going to say where.  His agent will leak that information if he wants that out there.”

No one here will confirm whether or not Garrett was actually offered the Ravens Head Coaching position.  The Ravens CAN’T and WON’T say they offered him the position now that he’s left the building.  They’re better served to continue to say, “we had a great day with Jason…”  Once Garrett decided to leave Owings Mills without signing on, the Ravens were forced to go to “Plan B”.  And you can’t have “Plan B” (which is, of course, interviewing other candidates) if you admit to people that the guy you wanted has left the building without taking your offer.

I’ll have a lot more on this tonight.  Let me get my thoughts together, sift through the information and the events of the last half-hour, and I’ll have a blog up later this evening.