Jekyll or Hyde Sunday? Who Will Show?

December 02, 2011 | Marty Mossa

Let’s see; after the Ravens won an emotional game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week one, they laid a clunker against the inferior Tennessee Titans. Then they went on national TV in week five and left a stinky steamer against a far inferior opponent the Jacksonville Jaguars. But after beating the Steelers four weeks ago in a Sunday Night comeback, the Ravens once again laid down and let that corrupt Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks beat them.

The Ravens could have for all intense and purposes put this division away by now, but they haven’t. Now the Ravens play a far inferior team in the Cleveland Brown in Cleveland. The Ravens have won two highly emotional games in the past two weeks. They held on to beat division rival Cincinnati Bengals and then won against the second best team in the NFL San Francisco 49ers in what was called the HauBowl.

Now the ingredients are all set. After beating two good opponents they face a bad team. Which team will show?; will it be the 8-0 Jekylls or the 0-3 Hydes. With the Steelers’ schedule looking rather soft; in order to win the division we have to win out. We have five games remaining; Browns (2), Bengals, Colts, and San Diego. In my humble opinion we must go 5-0 the rest of way to win the division. We can’t rely on the Steelers to have another hiccup. WE MUST WIN OUT!!!!