Jimmy Johnson must fix his situation

July 06, 2013 | Keith Henry

I was not the only one that wanted to throw something at the TV on Friday night. That’s because Jim Johnson came into the Yankee game and the Orioles were ahead 2-1.

Buck asked Johnson to come into the game and save it for them. But Johnson disappointed them for a seventh time and blew the save.

Only one-third of an inning! Two walks, two hits and two runs given up to hand the game to those vaunted Yankees to lose the game last night 3-2 at Yankee Stadium.

The fans are wanting Jim’s head on a platter. But what I want Jim to do is to figure out what his problem is and fix the situation.

Situations like this can very easily cost the Orioles a playoff spot. What I expect from the Baltimore Orioles this season is a playoff spot and nothing less!

So how can the O’s handle business when Jim Johnson cannot be effective on a consistent basis. It is a valid statement.

Johnson is 2-7 with a 4.01 ERA at this point.  Most of those seven losses were due to the blown save. This is unacceptable and inexcusable.

Angry as I was about last night’s blown save, Johnson should still stay in his role. Tommy Hunter is a pretty decent pitcher, but he wouldn’t last too long as a closer. Kevin Gausman is a young man with some talent, but he’s not ready to be a closer yet.  I was thinking about Darren O’Day as a possible closer. But he is good in his current role as the set-up man.

So this is Jim Johnson’s role whether or not we like it. And most of Baltimore, at this point, is not very pleased with the option right now.

It’s up to Johnson to get with pitching coach Rick Adair and fix what is ailing him ASAP. The Orioles can’t wait until September for the solution. Jim Johnson needs to step his game up and do it NOW!