Joe Flacco and Cam Cameron

January 15, 2012 | Derek Halford

One is a QB and another is an offensive coordinator. They both have 1 thing in common. They suck! They are going to cost us Super Bowls.

Tell me why Cam Cameron calls pass plays on 3rd and short. How about when the Ravens are driving down the field running the ball before the 1st half ended today vs. the Texans, Cam Cameron all a sudden calls pass plays and we don’t get into at least field goal position and we have to punt. We have a pro bowl fullback and pro bowl running back in Leach and Rice. The stats show that when we run the ball that we win.

Flacco overthrows, underthrows, or throws behind his receivers. He can’t scramble out of the pocket, he has no mobility at all. You notice how QB’s like Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Michael Vick, Cam Newton, and Tim Tebow can all get away from defenders and either make a play or at least throw the ball away. He can’t read the field either and still depends on Ray Rice for dump offs too much.

I love how Joe Flacco complains how no one gives him credit for winning games, the games we win are because of our defense and the games we lose are mostly because of Flacco and Cam Cameron calling for the pass to much.

I don’t even know if we are going to get out of this game alive to even move on to the AFC Championship! The only reason we are in this game is because of the defense forcing turnovers.

The NFL is a passing league and between these 2 idiots, we are not going to win a super bowl. I have no idea why you would draft a division 2 Quarterback in the first round to be your franchise QB. He left Pittsburgh, which isn’t even a good football school, because he couldn’t beat Tyler Palko for the job.

If I were the Ravens front office, I would fire Cam Cameron definitely and I would also like to not resign Flacco and get another QB somehow. But at least get rid of Cam Cameron if anything.

Sadly, this will probably not change and these guys will cost us maybe 2-3 super bowls.

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  1. BizarroGlenn Says:

    Best article ever written on wnst. I hear all this boohooing that we won and complain. I agree flacco and cam need to go. Some will stand for a playoff team when this is definitely a superbowl team minus these two. I just hope they can keep it close sunday. Keeping speaking the truth my brother. Can i get an Amen?

  2. Christian Says:

    I think the fact that Cam sucks makes Flacco look bad, and I feel more this way how out west, a player named Alex Smith was ruled a bust and crap until a new guy came in named Jim Harbaugh and made him look like a pro-bowler, no one ever thought Alex Smith could do that so I’d like to see a Offensive Coordinator change to see how our offense would change…and I do believe if the Ravens don’t win the Super Bowl this season, we can wave bye to Cam…and 2 things, all the QB’s you mentioned above all have something in common with each other except Flacco, they’re all not playing anymore this season and Flacco attended a D1-AA school btw (I know, just nitpicking on that one lol), but overall I see where you’re coming from and enjoyed the article.

  3. Marty Says:

    You’re crazy if you think Flacco “sucks”. How long have you been following this team? Joe’s the best QB to show up in Baltimore since Bert Jones. He has the most wins of any NFL QB in his first four years. If Joe upsets you so much, I have two words for you KYLE BOLLER!!!!

  4. unitastoberry Says:

    You seem to like Big Ben,Aron Rodgers,Brees,Mike Vick,Cam Newton, and Tebow. Hey guess what all your favorite gun slingers are HOME WATCHING! You must not watch alot of NFL games because I ALWAYS see teams throwing 5 yard passes or running draws on 3rd and long from deep in the hole. They all play to field position unless the game is on the line. Its just what they do now in the NFL. Would Unitas do this when he was calling plays? Heck NO.Joe has to respect Cam or he gets benched. Why do you post here when you trash the home team? Go to some messeage board in Stiller land or start hanging out with Merton in Indy.

  5. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    Maybe we weren’t watching the same game yesterday, but the Texans completely shut down the Ravens’ running game that saw us try the exact same running play three straight times from the 1/2 yard line for no gain! Maybe, had they tried something different like a play action rollout that produced the first TD, they’d have scored. But, following your logic, they ran the ball and….failed! You are correct about CaMORON, but I’d like to see Flacco in an offense that’s not consistently inconsistent, dysfunctional, out-of-sync or, frankly……..”offensive”! My guess is that in a better system with better coaching, Flacco’s performance would improve. Flacco and the offense are talented enough that they win IN SPITE OF CAMORON’S COACHING, not because of it………

  6. unitastoberry Says:

    The irony is if we win the superbowl they bring Cam back! Which also ironically is the opposite of what they did to Dilfer for winning a superbowl!

  7. bajadad Says:

    Total agreement with the “CAM HAS TO GO” crowd. Not sold on the Flacco rants. I think Joe is a good QB (not great, but good). I think he could be better if the rest of the team executed better and Cam didn’t get in his ‘ruts’ all the time. Yesterday – I think we could have had Brady and Belichek and it wouldn’t have mattered – our O-Line was HORRIBLE! The were displaying the “swiss cheese” formation. Running game and passing game DEPENDS on those guys up front doing their job. Instead, our linemen were getting beat one-on-one by just about everyone the Texans put on the line.

    Cam has to go regardless of winning the Super Bowl or not (how about Hue Jackson?). Flacco has earned some leeway – especially if most of us agree that Cam is the problem. But either way, our o-line MUST PLAY BETTER!!!

  8. derekhalford34 Says:

    @Marty Yea Joe Flacco is the best QB the Ravens have had but its not that hard to be better than th Qb’s we have had.
    @unitastoberry Our defense got us to the AFC championship, not our offense
    @ArmchairQB Maybe Flacco isnt that bad but he’s not good enough to be in a pass first offense so if we cant establish the run then were done. The points we scored against the Texans were because of the defense getting us in good field position.
    @bajadad i had the same thought of bringing hue jackson back to be offensive cooridantor. He has experience with Flacco and i think he would make Flacco look better than Cameron is making him look

    Thank you for all of your opinions. Some agreed and some didnt! Put this aside and we are all rooting for the Ravens today to beat Prettyboy Tom Brady! Lets go Ravens!

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