John and Jim Harbaugh confused by March Madness

March 23, 2008 | Nestor Aparicio

A strange day for the Harbaugh family, no doubt.

I’ve been sitting around for the third consecutive day watching hoops, eating food and getting butt sores, and it struck me that this Stanford-Marquette game is a strange matchup.

Marquette’s coach, Tom Crean, is married to John Harbaugh’s sister Joani.

Jim Harbaugh is Stanford’s football coach.

John Harbaugh is probably watching the game on TV here in Baltimore somewhere.

It’s like “All in The Family” tonight.

I’m betting that the Harbaugh’s are waving the Marquette towels this evening.

Just a guess…

P.S. Duke’s ouster wrecked my pool.

P.S.S. I’m happy that my pool is wrecked.