John Harbaugh and his possible staff

January 19, 2008 |

So, now that we know who the Ravens next head coach will be, the question is, “Who will come with him to Baltimore?”

We were told last night that John Harbaugh will not be attending the Senior Bowl next Saturday in Alabama because he wants to be at the facility getting things in line for the season. Harbaugh was expected to make phone calls on the way back to Philly last night to talk to people about joining his staff. I am sure that we will find out today if he’s has hired anyone for his staff yet.

Here are some of the names that I was told last night that could join his staff:
Pat Shurmur – he is the current Eagles quarterback coach, and was also Derrick Mason’s special teams coach at Michigan State.
Cam Cameron – his name has been linked to almost every candidate that was mentioned for the Ravens job. Cam and John worked together at Indiana University. Cam was also a coach for John’s brother Jim and former Ravens quarterback Elvis Grbac while at Michigan. He has to be tough; he played basketball for Bobby Knight at Indiana University.
Jim Harbaugh – I am not joking. His name was mentioned yesterday, even leading someone to say that he should get out while he is ahead before USC comes to Stanford looking for revenge.
Ron Rivera – The former Chicago Bears defensive coordinator and current San Diego Chargers linebackers coach’s name has been mentioned as a possibility for defensive coordinator. Ron and John spent time together in Philadelphia when Ron was the linebackers coach for the Eagles. Ron won a Super Bowl in Chicago as a player under Buddy Ryan.
Rex Ryan – Rex and John worked together at the University of Cincinnati together and apparently have remained friends. I learned last night that John is the one guy that Rex might be willing to stay on staff with assuming that he gets a pay increase or assistant head coach title.
Interesting note in an article from Les Bowen is that the Eagles have not let departing coaches take anyone with them from the current Eagles staff. Brad Childress had to hire people from outside the Eagles staff when he became head coach of the Vikings. Maybe today we will find out more today, or we will have to wait a week or so (i.e. Ron Rivera) only time will tell.
Here are some of the things that the national media are saying about the move:
Clark Judge of CBS Sportsline
Andy Schwartz of Comcast Sportsnet in Philadelphia
Les Bowen from the Philadelphia Daily News has a quote from Brian Dawkins saying Harbaugh may ruffle some player’s feathers has a video of the NFL Network crew discussing John Harbaugh
Bob Brookover of the Inquirer says that John’s mom did not want him to be a coach

I want to thank everyone for the kind words about WNST’s coverage of the coaching search.

It was a couple of long days, a lot of phone calls, watching who was coming in and out and where each car was parked. But two and half weeks and a couple of Chinese lunches from Drew later it is all over with.

I want to thank: Nestor, Drew, Bob, Rob, Ray, Adam, and especially Debbie and Paul for all of their help and guidance along the way. There were some times where I had to rely on Debbie and Paul for some administrative things and advice on a couple of situations and I thank them for that.

The rest of the guys at WNST were always there when I needed something or needed someone to make a call because I had something else to do.

It was a team project and in the end I feel good about how it all went down. So thanks “everyone” and thank you readers and listeners for staying in touch  via WNST during the whole process and sticking with us.