July 4th Reminds Us How Lucky We Really Are

July 03, 2011 | Marty Mossa

Many Americans take for granted the many freedoms we are allotted in this great country the United States of America.  I guess we are all guilty at one point and time of taking for granted how lucky we are.  When we see the struggles of the freedom fighters in Libya and Syria it should remind us all that despite its imperfectness, the United States of America is the greatest country on earth.

People around the world are dying doing nothing more than peacefully protesting their governments.  Our country has seen several marches and protests in our nation’s capital over the years, and from my count, no one has ever been killed peacefully protesting.  I have written several letters and emails to our legislators in Washington, and Annapolis.  Although many of these correspondences were far from complimentary, I have yet to be arrested nor harmed.

Sports are microcosms of our freedoms.  One can go to any arena or stadium and root for the team of their choice.  Just ask any Steelers fan.  One can choose which team they love, and which team they choose to hate.  One can choose which sport they prefer to follow, and which sport they prefer to ignore.  The labor disputes in the NFL and NBA prove that capitalism works and our country.  Our freedoms allow us to pursue the most lucrative economic situations possible.  Although like many of you, I for one see the owners and players of the NFL and NBA as greedy in this whole matter, however the first amendment allows me to express this idea in an open forum without repercussions.

So today when you’re sucking down that hotdog, or beer, look up in the sky and give special thanks to God for blessing this great country of ours.  Also throw a wink to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and the other brave souls who risked it all so that we may enjoy the many benefits of living in the United States of America.