June 2 WNST golf event to benefit Markakis’ new Foundation

June 01, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 2 ) at Pine Ridge Golf Course in Timonium (12:45 pm start), it’s the first of our series of Summer of ’09 golf events.  Our kick-off competition will be “Sports Celebs vs. Drew” with an added twist — we’ll also have 16 listeners involved in the way of four, 4-man teams competing against themselves and the celebrity foursome that includes me and three local sports figures including former members of the Ravens and Orioles.

In fact, here are some Monday morning crumbs for you.  Our Ravens player was a wide receiver for the Super Bowl championship team.   One of our Orioles participants was a 20-game winner on the mound.  Gettin’ excited?  Me too.

We also have a couple of celebrity caddies, including WNST’s very own Glenn Clark (not good enough to play, but certainly capable of keeping someone’s clubs and balls clean) and a member of the Comcast Morning Show “Whack Pack”, Rick from Reisterstown.  Rick will be caddying for me, although I’ll do my best to keep him as far away from my golf bag as possible.  We auctioned off the four caddy spots in the celebrity group for $50.00 each.  We’re also going to be donating money from the entry fee of each of the 16 players (listeners) and starting now, we’ll be taking pledges from listeners and web-site readers who would like to help us raise money for our local charity but can’t make it out to Pine Ridge on Tuesday.

Our designated charity for this first event of the year goes to a brand new foundation that was just announced this week in Baltimore.

We’ll be donating all of the proceeds from Tuesday’s golf event to Nick Markakis’ foundation — appropriately called, “The Right Side Foundation”.

Nick and his wife Christina announced their new foundation earlier this week and we thought it would make sense to donate our proceeds to his new effort.  So that we will do.

If you’d like to make a pledge for this Tuesday’s golf event at Pine Ridge, we’re taking wagers five different ways.  Read on and see if one of them applies to you and then make your “pledge” via the comments section below so we have it on public record!  You’ll then be on the honor system to follow through and make your donation accordingly after next Tuesday’s event.  I hope to present Nick with a check when the O’s return home the week of June 8 to take on Seattle and Atlanta.   I haven’t really run this by Nick, in all honesty, so I hope I’m allowed in the locker room to actually give him the money.  lol

You can pledge money for our charitable endeavor to benefit Nick Markakis’ foundation via the following:

1. I’ll bet anyone (and everyone) $20.00 that I make more birdies on Tuesday at Pine Ridge than Markakis will have hits in Tuesday night’s game against the Seattle Mariners.  If I don’t, I’ll donate half of your $20 pledge and you donate just $10.00.  If I do make more birdies than Markakis, you put up the whole $20.00.

2. Drew’s group vs. the Field.  Our group of four (and our players have handicaps of 0, 8, 15 and 20) will shoot a best-ball score lower than the combined best ball score of the other four “listener” teams.  In other words, we’ll take the lowest score per-hole from the 4 players in “Drew’s Group” and the other four teams will take their lowest score per-hole…and count it as one score.  And “Drew’s Group” will beat the best ball of the other four teams.  If we do, you pony up $50.00.

3. $5.00 per-birdie made by all 20 players who are participating on Tuesday, up to a max of 20 ($100.00).

4. We are going to give Rick from Reisterstown five swings on the 17th hole (par 3).  Rick says he’s never really attempted to swing a golf club before.  You pledge $10.00 per-swing-and-miss from Rick.  Swing and a miss has to be a complete whiff.  I’ll be there to verify.  So will the camera for WNST.net!

5. Just give us $25.00 (payable to “The Right Side Foundation”) and send it in to me at the radio station and make it easy on yourself.

Also…you can donate $10.00 for each time Glenn says, “Gary Williams would have made that putt for sure.”

So, the weather looks great for Tuesday, June 2, and we’re eagerly anticipating our first charity golf event of 2009…all to benefit the new “Right Side Foundation” of Nick Markakis. 

Please help us out with a pledge and we’ll be sure to give you a mention on the air and here, in blog form, when we see how much we raise on Tuesday.

By the way, I’m in for #1, #3 and #4 (and #5, if nothing else).