Junior Seau

May 05, 2012 | Derek Halford

Former NFL player and future Hall of Famer Junior Seau committed suicide on May 2nd.

I was very surprised when I heard this. It’s hard to believe a guy like this who had so many people that loved him, helped out in the community, and was a great player would do this.

He was a 10-time All-Pro, 12-time Pro Bowl selection, and was named to the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team. He was taken by the San Diego Chargers as the fifth overall pick of the 1990 NFL Draft. Seau played 13 seasons for the Chargers before being traded to the Miami Dolphins, where he spent 3 seasons. He then played 4 seasons with the New England Patriots before retiring in 2010. A standout on San Diego’s only Super Bowl team, he was later inducted into the Chargers Hall of Fame.

In recent years, scientists have started to study the damage of playing in the NFL does to the brain. And playing a position like linebacker for 20 seasons in the NFL can do a lot of damage. Even as just a high school linebacker/fullback myself can say that linebackers not only give some big hits but also take a lot of hits too.  I’m really curious what kind of damage scientists find. But in the end, it’s a shame no one could help a guy like this in time.