Just a little note from a Ravens fan

December 02, 2012 | Paul Hoke

Just wanted to drop a note to everyone as we await our game between our beloved Baltimore Ravens (9-2) against the hated Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5).

I have DirecTv.  I also have the NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows me to watch every NFL game every Sunday.  And as I sit here in my living room flipping between games, there is something that I just have to share with my fellow Ravens’ fans.

Holy crap, do we have everything to be thankful for with our football team.  There is ALOT of crap out there in the NFL landscape.  I was watching the garbage that is Cardinals-Jets.  All I can say is, I think I could play the quarterback position better then either of the two we’re seeing in this matchup.  Lindley is terrible, and he doesn’t belong anywhere near and NFL huddle.  Sanchez isn’t much better, and the one glaring issue I see with ol’ Mark is that he CAN NOT read an NFL defense.  He takes a ton of heat from fringe football fans, and fans who are too caught up in fantasy football, but thank God we have Joe Flacco.  If you are a Flacco hater, tune into this game, and watch these two retards, and I guarantee, you will have a new found love of our QB.

Jacksonville-Buffalo:  The Bills were my team after the Colts left and before the Ravens arrived.  I LOVE Jim Kelly, and he is my favorite player of all time not named Ray Lewis.  When he arrived in Buffalo in 1986, I became an instant fan, and rode that team through all 4 Super Bowl losses leading up to the arrival of the Ravens, so I still carry a small torch for them.  This game?  Ewwww.  The weather stinks and neither team has ANYTHING to play for.  How great is it that we have a team who plays in a meaningful football game EVERY WEEK!!!  We take it for granted, we rip into our team’s shortcomings everyweek, but there are times, like today, where we need to take a step back, and be thankful that we are able to talk about meaningful football the first week of December.  Most NFL fans don’t.

I guess my point to all this is that we love our Ravens around these parts.  But how often do we ever stop and think on just how thankful we should be that every Sunday they take the field, their game matters.  On the grand scale, it matters.  The Ravens have a chance to clinch the AFC North this weekend.  They have a chance at clinching a playoff spot this weekend.  For the fifth year in a row, this team is one win away from punching a ticket to the January Dance.  And in Week 13, none the less.  No other team in this league can say that.  No other team can hold up five fingers.  I remember 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007.  The latter being the last time this team missed the playoffs.  Think about that for a minute.  The last time the Ravens missed the playoffs was following the 2007 season.  2007.  As we sit on the cusp of 2013, we need to stop, and thank this football team.  There’s a lot of bad football out there, but fortunately, our beloved Ravens, spare us that misery.

Go Ravens!!!!!!!!!!!!!