“Just add an arm…any arm”

December 29, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Let the spin machine begin.

“Mark Hendrickson is a decent acquisition.” 

“Hendrickson’s relief numbers are acceptable.  His ERA in relief is just a tad over 3.00”

“He can get left-handed hitters out.”

What a joke.

The Orioles are going to pass this Hendrickson signing off on us as if it’s some kind of suitable repair to a wrecked pitching staff.

Patchwork, patchwork, patchwork.  He’s a starter-turned-relief-pitcher.  That’s code word for: “not reliable enough to start anymore…”  That means once the lineup has seen him a couple of times in the game, they tee off on him.  Once through, he’s OK.  Two or three times through…watch out.

Can someone please explain to me why this baseball franchise won’t spend money?

They feigned interest in Mark Teixeira just long enough for everyone in town to *think* they were on the prowl.  When it came time to talk about REAL money, the O’s got REAL quiet.

No Sabathia, no Burnett, no Dunn (headed to the Dodgers, reportedly) — no money spent…except for Cesar Izturis and that blockbuster $5 million deal he signed.

They can’t sign Derek Lowe because he’s old (36) and costs money.  Forget about the fact that he gets people out and has a good ERA.  Who needs that?

But they’ll sign Mark Hendrickson.  Why not add Jim Kaat today too?  He’s a proven winner.  And I’m sure he’d pitch for $100,000.

I know, I know.  “Drew, you don’t understand what’s happening right now.  We’re rebuilding.  We don’t need to add older, experienced players when we’re not going to win anyway.”

That’s a helluva concept they’re trying to get the fan base to sign off on, huh? 

“Why sign quality, proven major-leaguers when we’re going to struggle on the field?”   What happened to this concept…”maybe if we sign some proven major leaguers, we WON’T struggle…

Charlatans.  It’s a perfect description.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.

NOTE: Wednesday morning at 5:00 am will be my one-hour “Ode to the O’s”.  I will come in one hour early and take 60 minutes to address this Hendrickson signing and the off-season EFFORTS of our beloved baseball team.  No one will be listening, but I’ll have an hour to say everything I want to say.  It’s good tonic for me.