Just What I Thought Would Happen!

May 03, 2010 |

Before the much anticipated Floyd Mayweather/Shane Mosley fight on Saturday night, I told anyone who asked my opinion, that Mayweather would not only win the fight, but he would do it rather easily.

Folks who don’t particularly care for the boastful and brash antics of Floyd Mayweather, can’t wait to see him beaten. I was one of those people a few years back, before I studied what it is he does in the ring. He is a master of his craft.

I figured Mosley would come out strong in the first few rounds, and after Mayweather figured him out he would pull out the magic bag, and dominate his opponent like he usually does. After being hurt in round 2, holding on to Mosley and staying out of further harm, Mayweather took complete control of the fight, and didn’t lose another round.

For those who believe that Manny Pacquiao will beat Mayweather, let me be the first to say, it will be more of the same. Floyd Mayweather will beat him the same way!