Just What You Wanted…My Playoff Picks

January 05, 2008 |

OK, so I couldn’t pick games during the regular season. I ask you, who really tries during the regular season anyway? I feel a hot month of January coming on, and since many of my friends, and of course Matt Bender, hang on my every word, here we go with gusto into the Wild Card Weekend.
SEATTLE – 3 and the over (39 1/2): Here are my theories. (1) For the Skins, just reaching the playoffs was an incredible job. I don’t think they’ll have much left after  a cross country flight on a short week. (2) Also, it seems like everyone likes the Redskins. I’m banking that Todd Collins becomes human again, and Holmgren does something special since he is getting no love this week while the world falls at the feet of Joe Gibbs. I like the over because I think Seattle might throw the ball on about every play, which not only leads to big plays, but many clock stoppages. Also, I don’t think Seattle has a great defense, but they still win 31-24.

Jacksonville –2 1/2 and the over (39 1/2): I know that one of my reasons for taking Seattle was that everyone loves Washington. Well no one is getting more love that the Jags. This line opened with the Steelers being favored. Don’t forget, when the Jags “pummeled” the Steelers a few weeks back, they actually only won by seven and the game was tied in the fourth quarter. Polamalu is not 100%, and he is the heart and soul of this team. That’s the real reason I am going with Jacksonville, but it was a little tougher than many would think. Also, I don’t see how you could play the under. Pittsburgh can’t stop anyone all of the sudden, and Big Ben has been playing well. Both teams will score, but the Jags will score more. JAX 27-20.


TAMPA –3 and the under (39 1/2): Everyone loves the Giants because they played well against New England. Well, I have news for you. There were plenty of times that they didn’t play so well, particularly Eli. The problem with Tampa is that no one has seen them. I know that the Bucs haven’t won a playoff game since they won the Super Bowl, but off of the top of my head, it seems that Gruden teams do pretty well in January. Remember, he is the guy that got screwed by the tuck roll in the blizzard in New England. I also remember him losing his last playoff game when someone dropped a sure touchdown with about two minutes to go in a game that I think was against Washington and the score was something like 17-14. (maybe I should have looked that one up before I blogged, but that would have been too professional. I’d rather just wing it. I will look it up when I’m done just to see how close I was) Tampa’s defense will play well, Gasrcia will make enough plays, and Eli will be less than stellar. Bucs 20-13.


Tennessee +10 and the under (39): San Diego is hot, but look who they’ve played; no one. No one, except this Titans team that forced them to overtime. Tennessee’s offense blows, no matter who the quarterback is, but their defense is solid. You didn’t see Peyton and company score much even when the starters were in the game. It’s also going to be 55 and rainy in San Diego and this will keep the home crowd away. (They don’t do 55 degrees in So Cal. Seriously, I heard the game might be blacked out because of tickets still available). Jeff Fisher has done a wonderful job, and will do so again. Remember, LT has never won a playoff game. I think this is the first one, but not by much. Don’t buy the San Diego hype. The Chargers hang on to win19-13.


Good luck, and enjoy one of the truly great weekends in sports.