Justice Served!

April 29, 2014 | Tony Thornton

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver today had a simple verdict to render. In the first three months on the job, he encountered an issue that he thought he would never face. Silver and the Association was confronted with no doubt the biggest social and moral issue to hit professional sports in a long time. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling spewed out hate and racial comments, directed at African Americans which shocked the world. The outrage and anger was immediate from the public.  Action to denounce this bigotry and racism had to be just as swift from the Commissioner.

As I watched Adam Silver speak at his press conference, I could not have been more impressed with his demeanor, candor and the heartfelt way he articulated. Lifetime ban from the Clippers, the NBA, 2.5-million dollar fine, and giving the NBA owners the opportunity to force Sterling to sell the team, BOOM! In one swift motion, he eradicated Sterling and his words. The punishment was more than I could ever imagine. It was not merely the right decision, but the only decision that needed to be made.

The nation gathered today to hear Adam Silver make an important statement that said we will not tolerate racial inequalities and bigotry in this county. As an African American, I was proud.