Kelvin Sampson: Feel free to CALL me

February 18, 2008 |

Hey Kelvin- you made 577 unsolicited calls- and not one was to me. You told our friends at the NCAA that you didn’t know that calling recruits during the “quiet” period was against NCAA rules. I’m curious: you started coaching at Montana Tech in 1981 and don’t know the rules? Let’s start with rule number one: Don’t lie to the NCAA. The NCAA should suspend you for 10 years. I’m sure when you are fired next week that ESPN or CBS will pick you up as an analyst so that you can defend yourself on National Television and deny everything. Everyone is innocent. I’m sure none of your players have ever been on the schoool payroll either (sure). Just remember- once is a mistake- twice is a trend. You broke NCAA rules at Oklahoma- and now at Indiana. You ran away from Oklahoma because you knew that you were a bad boy. You didn’t play fairly in the playground. Nobody on your 2001 Oklahoma team that went 31-5 ever graduated. Your teams have always been in the bottom 3 in the conference in graduation rate. The next time you make a call- it should be to me- so that I can give you some advice.