Lacrosse Supporters: Today is your day…vote for Gait

June 09, 2008 |

Today is D-Day; as in, decision day. Does Gary Gait make the field of 32? I sure hope so…

Now do I expect him to make the tournament? No. Not after this campaign by some of the WNST radio hosts who have agregiously lambasted the sport of lacrosse. But I sure hope I’m wrong.

Do I think something fishy was going on with the voting? Yes…for Gait to surpass Bert Jones just blows my mind…but, in my opinion, Gait deserves to at least be mentioned in this tournament. So should Michael Phelps; because he is also a professional athlete who is the best at what he does…and he was born and raised in Towson.

After all of the negative comments and call-ins to all of the radio shows, and considering the vast majority of radio hosts at this station think lacrosse is a joke, it’s time for that “silent majority” to step up, register, and vote for Gary Gait.

You all know his resume…I’ve talked about Gait to the point where I’ve almost contracted carpel tunnel syndrome from typing so much…if you’ve somehow missed it, check my previous blogs.

Members of the lacrosse community, call in to the station…I will, and I’m sure Bryan Powell will as well (at some point or another today). There IS a silent majority out there who love lacrosse…

But, where are you guys? The vast majority of call-ins/comments have been negative about lacrosse. Perhaps that’s due to the influence that sports talk radio hosts have on their audience…then again, maybe it’s because this thing was truly rigged. Please…call in today…comment on the blogs…lacrosse community, you are not alone. You have support here, regardless of what radio hosts say.

They’re just like us. They’re human. They have opinions, and they can be wrong. Let’s get lacrosse, arguably the state’s most popular/fastest growing sport, represented in the King of Baltimore Sports contest.

Have a great day…I’ll be busy until the early afternoon because I’m taking a physics class, but I’m 100% positive that this blog is not the last you will hear about lacrosse today at WNST.