Ladies Night-Fighting Ungers

May 01, 2008 |

This is either a great idea OR a really bad one but tonight we’re doing a “Ladies Night” on our show.  I mean, let’s face it, right now the highest pitched voice you ever hear on WNST is mine when I start to whine about something. 

We’re a station of men.  The hosts, the callers (mostlY) ALL men.  It’s time to pretty the place up a little bit.  Tonight, if you’re a woman and you call into the show, you’ll be eligible for a prize.  Best call of the night wins $50 to spend at Pizzeria Uno.  If this works, we’ll increase the prize package. 

We wanna talk about sports but we want to do it with the ladies.  So, if you’re out there AT ALL, please call in tonight.

Guys are still encouraged to call- but hopefully the lines will be too jammed up with women for you to get through…

Speaking of women,

I guess Roger Clemens is quite the ladies man although I’m not sure that getting John Daly’s “sloppy seconds” is that great of an achievement. 

Anyway, tonight on the show we’ll make more fun of Roger and may even have a surprise caller.  Tune in.