Laurel/Pimlico auction delayed until February 10

January 20, 2010 | Drew Forrester

The auction to sell the Laurel and Pimlico horse racing facilities has once again been delayed.

It was originally scheduled for January 7, then moved to this Friday, January 22.  It is now set for February 10.

This most recent delay seems tied into an effort from an Anne Arundel County group that is seeking to obtain roughly 18,000 signatures in protest of the Arundel Mills slots parlor location, owned and licensed by David Cordish.

If the group attempting to gain those signatures is successful, the Arundel Mills location could once again be voted on in an Anne Arundel County election in November.

The delay gives those involved in the bidding/auction process an opportunity to see whether or not the slots location in Anne Arundel County could be available via the same process that Cordish went through when he paid the $28 million fee and gained approval for the Arundel Mills location last spring.

If the group attempting to gain the 18,000 signatures protesting the Arundel Mills location comes up short, it would appear that Cordish would be on his way to finally breaking ground on his slots parlor after months of legal wrangling.

The main issue, now, is the 18,000 signatures and the effort to have the Anne Arundel County license once again be available to everyone.

The tracks would seemingly be worth more money to all of those involved in the bidding process if, in fact, the Anne Arundel slots license was again made available.

Jeffrey Seder, Preisdent of Blow Horn Equity and one of six bidders for the tracks, will join me on Thursday’s edition of The Comcast Morning Show.  Two weeks ago, Seder provided Magna Entertainment with the “stalking horse” bid and appeared to be the front runner to win the auction and the two tracks before this most recent delay.