Lawson’s eleven: Baseball Hall of Fame edition

June 03, 2010 |


   With the retirement of Ken Griffey Jr. today, we are only 5 years away from what will surely be his Hall of Fame induction. It made me think about which current players are the most likely to wind up in Cooperstown. This list is not all inclusive, there are a few guys omitted that will have very good claims when their time comes (Manny, Johan, definitely Vlad); but I can only include eleven. The title of the blog says so.


                    Lawson’s Eleven Active Future Hall of Famers

                                    ( at least active as of yesterday)

11.   Ryan Howard,  1B   Philadelphia

  At the position he plays, he will need to continue to put up huge numbers for many more years. But he is off to a very good start and gets the plus of doing it almost entirely after steroid testing began.

10.  Chipper Jones,  3B   Atlanta

9.    Roy Halladay, SP   Philadelphia  (in as a Blue Jay)

 By the time oldies like Wakefield and Pettitte he’ll be the active leader in wins, and you have to love his complete games stats.

8.  Ivan Rodriguez,   C   Washington   (in as a Ranger)

7.  Derek Jeter,  SS    New York   

    I always argue that he is overrated, but that’s just when Yankees fans act like he is the greatest that ever lived. He is definitely a Hall of Famer.

6.  Mariano Rivera,  RP   New York

5.   Ichiro Suzuki,  OF   Seattle

   He is going to end up with around 3000 hits and he didn’t come over until he was 27.

4.    Joe Mauer,  C   Minnesota

   As a kid that grew up on the Big Red Machine, it is tough to say, but he may pass Bench as the best catcher the game has ever seen.

3.  Alex Rodriguez,  3B   New York

2.  Albert Pujols,  1B   St. Louis

   He’s already got almost 400 HR’s and 1200 RBI’s and he’s only 30.

1.  Ken Griffey Jr.,  OF  Seattle

    Albert may end up with better numbers, but no one is more fun to remember then Griffey. And one advantage he has over the others is we now know exactly when he’s going in.