Less than Charm City Feeling in The Land of ‘UN’Pleasant Living

January 04, 2008 |

First , for those of you who don’t know, remember what I do for a living, I cover all things social/charitable for The Baltimore Examiner. So, as you can imagine, I run into many a celeb, powers that be, politicians, pro-sports players, and coaches on a monthly basis. Like anyone in the media, you development with a certain rapport with some, some not so much.
Before I go into this, please know my childhood was salt and peppered with blue and white and orange and black. As an adult I was a Baltimore Colt Season ticket holder, lived next to Memorial Stadium, so I could run to the Baltimore Orioles games (approx 26 a season), at the last minute from work, hell I didn’t even own a car but did that… No wonder my Mother worried so…
Anyway, now as a big girl sports fan, that just so happens to do what I do, who has also become a mother of three, my experience with Coach Billick are many..
Our daughters competed against each other in sports; so many times we sat in the same bleachers/sidelines.
But not until a terrible tragedy struck my sons school, did I ever have a real chance to view the person I thought I “knew” as our Coach. Brian Billick the day before a game against Pittsburgh arrived at Loyola Blakefield, for a VIP reception, on his own time, where he was visibly touched by the outpouring and declared how he “knew” he had made the right decision moving his family here and this was their home… Later on, I took rolled coin from a young man, that had taken 3 buses to get to Loyola that night and after I went into the VIP area with tears in my eyes and Coach was there, just about to exit, saw me holding the coin and we said nothing.. I finally blurted out this young man had gone to elementary school with student we were raising funds for this evening. Coach Billick chewed the side of his mouth, took a breathy sort, squeezed my shoulder and headed for his car. Now rumor has it, or should I say urban legend has it….Coach gave a lift to the young man and saved him the 3 bus rides back downtown.
My opinion only, less my media, less my fandom, this man is a quality person with a quality family, that the Maryland borders are LUCKY to still have in the community.

*** Let me know what’s going on in your Land of Pleasant Living.
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