Let the controversy begin

December 10, 2007 | Keith Melchior

Well, it started somewhere around 9pm last night, just about the time the heavy rain started to fall on the faithful followers of the purple. It won’t take long for the media to embrace it either, in fact, I heard that John Madden mentioned it late in the game.

We are now embroiled in none other than… a quarterback controversy!!!

Why?  Well, in the late stages of that "pre-season" game last night, Troy Smith made his first appearance since August and led the team to a game changing touchdown with the 2nd string offense and against a 3rd string defense. Well, maybe it wasn’t actually game changing, but it sure turned out to be thought changing. The number of people calling for him to start the final 3 games was startlingly high.

One thing to think about though….. If Steve McNair returns in 2008, he will be the starting QB on September 7th. Kyle Boller signed a one-year contract extension so he’s not going anywhere. Troy Smith is on the roster, so drafting a 1st round QB is not going to be in the cards. They have to think about the current players and whether or not to continue in the current direction over the next 3 weeks and whether or not to move in a different direction entirely. And no, we aren’t getting any rebates on ticket prices either. Remember to send in your payment by March 1st. (and see how many Steeler game tix are up for sale over the next 2 weeks)

I looked at our schedule next season and am predicting 5-11 with potential wins coming against Oakland, Houston, Washington, Philadelphia and one of the divisional teams. 

You may think I am wacked out to make a prediction for 2008 when 2007 isn’t even over yet, but it’s no wackier than to be embroiled in discussion over a non-existent QB controversy.