Let The Games Begin: The 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

April 29, 2013 | Marty Mossa

Well I for one didn’t think I would be writing this blog this year. It certainly appeared that there would be no NHL hockey after the long lockout. But cooler heads prevailed in the end and both the NHL and NHLPA came to an agreement. And thus came a season shortened schedule of 48 games and a later than normal start of the post season. It’s funny; I remember the day when the NHL season was pretty much over by mid may. In 1982 the New York Islanders won their third Stanley Cup on May 16th. Yet this year the playoffs are starting on April 30. I wonder if all series go the full seven; will I be watching the finals while the USA celebrates its 238th birthday.

As you all know there are sixteen teams and four rounds in the post season. Here are the match ups:

In the Atlantic Conference #1 seed and cup favorite Pittsburgh Penguins will take on the New York Islanders, #2 Montreal will face #7 Ottawa, #3 Washington will play #6 New York Ranges and #4 Boston Bruins will play #5 Toronto Maple Leafs.

In the Western Conference: President’s Cup winners Chicago Blackhawks will play # 8 seed Minnesota Wild, #2 Anaheim Ducks will play # 7 Detroit Redwings, #3 Vancouver will play San Jose, #4 St. Louis will play the defending champs, LA Kings.

The Caps will open up tomorrow in Washington at the Verizon Center, game time 7:30pm. .