Let’s Hear it O’s Fans!!

August 27, 2012 | Paul Hoke

My love of Baltimore baseball spans over 30 years.  As a kid, I can remember the pain that was felt after the 1979 World Series, the 1982 final weekend against the Milwaukee Brewers, and the jubilation that followed the 1983 World Series victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.  I remember sitting in my grandmother’s living room in October of 1983 as I watched Cal Ripken catch the final out, and I remember feeling the pulse of excitement as my dad jumped off of the couch and scooped me up in his arms as the Orioles won their third World Series championship.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I also remember 1988.  I remember 0-21.  I remember the thrill of that 9-0 win over the Chicago White Sox to put an end to the 21 ganme losing streak, only to drop the next two games, and have my beloved Orioles return home 1-23.

I also remember 1989.  Why Not?  I treasure that season.  It was special to true Orioles’ fans, because we knew that it was a fluke.  There was no way in the world that team should have been in a position to win the American League Eastern Division going into the last weekend series.  They were a team filled with retreads, and unknowns, bound together with one superstar, Cal Ripken, Jr., and held in place by manager Frank Robinson.  Sound familiar??

Well, it should.

Because that’s exactly what the 2012 Baltimore Orioles are all about.  A team littered with relative unknowns, a pitching staff made up of 2 or 3 Jeff Ballards, and paced by stars Adam Jones and Matt Weiters.  And on August 26th, they find themselves sitting 12 games over .500 and just 4 and 1/2 games behind the New York Yankees in the AL East.  Not to mention, holding tight onto that second and final Wildcard playoff spot in the AL.  After 15 years of losing baseball, mostly to the point of embarrassment, I would say it’s time for us Oriole fans, especially the long suffering ones, to galvanize, and cheer our Birds on as they play out the final month of what has already been a fun, and illogical summer of baseball.

I remember 1996 and 1997.  The great moments of Oriole baseball, followed by the disappointment that ended in losses in the American League Championship Series both years.  Then, came the darkness.

15 years of horrendous baseball.  Horrendous ownership.

But now.  Today, if only for today, we have a pennant race in Baltimore.  Our Orioles, our beloved Orioles are deeply involved in a tight race for a playoff and pennant.  And it is incumbent upon all of is to stand and cheer them into the home stretch.

They have 37 games left.

It’s time to rise Baltimore.  And support this year’s version of the Baltimore Orioles.  We have no idea what the future may bring, but we do know one thing….

The Baltimore Orioles are hot in the pennant race right now.

And we need to support them.  It’s a few short weeks until real footbal starts again here in Charm City.  But for now, we need to once again become a baseball town.  And cheer on our Orioles as they make one final push towards the 2012 postseason.

Like the scoreboard says at OPACY……

LET’S HEAR IT O’S FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have a contender now.