Lies about me on the internet

February 01, 2008 | Nestor Aparicio

It has come to my attention and the attention of many members of the WNST family that there are false allegations being purported about me on the internet regarding a “hatred” of Jewish people.

Rumors are running rampant and I want to put an end to these destructive lies.

These allegations of anti-Semitism are absolutely false and devastating, not only to me and my family, but also to the many people who work for WNST and are involved in our business and personal lives.

My many, many friends, business partners, relatives, sponsors and lifelong associates of the Jewish faith – literally thousands of people over the course of my life — know that these allegations are completely false as well. My track record of work and relationships in the Jewish community over the course of my life and career speaks for itself.

I will have a much longer, more detailed explanation at a later date. My legal team will be working toward a resolution and legal action will be taken.

This is the result of a malicious, vicious and completely unprovoked nine-year personal attack on me and my radio station by a sports “shock jock” radio station in Dallas that will be borne out in great detail at an appropriate time.

I’m hard at work in Phoenix and will be focusing on the important details of doing our work here in preparation for Super Bowl XLII.

Many friends have reached out to me today to support me and I appreciate it. It’s been very difficult for me and my loved ones to see these horrendous lies and allegations take on a life of their own.

At this point, I hope that my privacy will be respected. Thank you.

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