Ray Lewis signs – Ravens do the RIGHT thing, again…

March 04, 2009 | Drew Forrester

The saga has ended.

I actually felt a twinge of sadness when I heard the news that Ray Lewis had verbally agreed to a new contract. 


Now, we have to turn our full attention to Orioles baseball…unless Maryland pulls a rabbit out of their hat and slips into the NCAA tournament…then we can put off full-fledged O’s-care until almost opening day.

Actually, word is Derrick Mason isn’t happy with HIS contract now.  It’s unconfirmed, of course, but if Mason is, in fact, unhappy, that might get us through a week or two as well.

Back to the subject at hand: The Pay-Ray-Tour has come to an end and, come to find out, the plane never left Baltimore.

Ray’s jumping up and down today, thrilled beyond words to be finishing here in Baltimore with “HIS” great fans.  

I guess $15 million in your hand will do that. 

It would for just about anyone, I suppose.

There’s so much ground to cover that the initial “Ray has signed” review-blog doesn’t need to touch on all the things we’ve learned over the last month or so.

I’m not even going to delve into the negatives or cast a critical eye at anyone tonight.

I’ll just give credit where credit is due.

And, as usual (hopefully, the baseball team is paying attention), the Ravens have done the right thing.

Get the spotlight out, plug it in, and shine it on Owings Mills.

The Ravens have delivered in the clutch, once again.

Ray Lewis is back…the Ravens provided him with the reward he richly deserves…and when 52 comes hopping out of the north tunnel next September, you’ll be able to hear the roar in Middle River.

We’ll cover the Dallas comments, the “I’ll retire before I’ll go back there to Baltimore” rumors and the God-speak tomorrow, perhaps.  We have plenty of time for Ray.

Tonight, raise your glass to the Ravens.

They added a Hall of Very Good center today in Matt Birk.

And they “re-added” a Hall of Fame linebacker today named Ray Lewis.

You probably heard of him before. 

He’s the reason most of you have been going to the games since 1996.

Today, the Ravens rewarded him for that.

Oh, he can play a little football too.  That’s why he got $15 million, ultimately.

But, in the end, some of that money is payment for the “sweat equity” Lewis has invested in the franchise. 

I’m having a glass of 2004 Glenn Beck Cabernet tonight to commemorate the Ravens “doing the right thing.”

Cheers, Ozzie…Steve…John…Eric…Pat.

Well done.