Live from Indy: Baseball winter meetings update

December 07, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I have a half-on-the-payroll, working-for-golf-tips dude watching out for developments in Indianapolis, where the baseball winter meetings are taking place.

We’re doing this all by text so none of the nosy media members hanging around the lobby know he’s talking to me or providing information to “the renegade station” in Baltimore.

Here’s a review of our texting today:

11:08 am —

Drew:  “Anything happening there today?”

Indy snoop:  “In terms of what?”

Drew:  “Orioles news you dummy.”

Indy snoop:  “LOL, are you nuts?”

Drew:  “New York Post says they’re gonna be big spenders”

Indy scoop:  “NY Post hasn’t a clue.”


1:14 pm —

Drew:  “Update?”

Indy snoop:  “Just had lunch.”

Drew:  “I don’t care about that.  How about an O’s update?”

Indy snoop:  “Zilch.”

Drew:  “What are they waiting for?”

Indy snoop:  “Jesus to come back and buy season tickets.”

Drew:  “You’re funny.”

Indy snoop:  “I’m here all week.  Literally.”


2:41 pm —

Drew:  “Hearing anything?”

Indy snoop:  “Please leave me alone.  You’ll be the first to know.”

Drew:  “You’re very defensive.”

Indy snoop:  “You would be as well if you were on the beat out here.”


3:12 pm —

Indy snoop:  “Before you ask again this hour, nothing is happening, OK.”

Drew:  “That’s better.  Stay on top of everything and let me know if anything happens.”

Indy snoop:  “Trust me, they’re not doing anything.  Andy wouldn’t put 50 cents in the Salvation Army bucket.”