Live From Milford Mill: It’s Alex Rodriguez Talking Steroids With Kids …..

September 01, 2009 |

The New York Yankees have been upstaging the Orioles, in Baltimore, for the better part of the last decade. Today, the Yankees biggest star stole some headlines from this town’s other – BIGGER team, near their home turf.

At least it was for a noble cause and selfless reason …..

That’s right, as the Baltimore Ravens prepare for this Thursday’s game, in Atlanta, baseball’s walking, talking ROCK STAR was making his presence known a mere 6.15 miles away !!!!

Alex Rodriguez woke up kinda early today and headed out to Milford Mill Academy, where he spread some good cheer with students. But, most importantly, he delivered a message regarding the dangers of steroid use. And, he did it on his terms …..

No reporters – No cameras – No microphones

Alex Rodriguez, with the assistance of Elijah Cummings, delivered a message that needed no fanfare. He did it the right way. If you want to read more, follow the below link, for the article on The Sun’s website.,0,188902.story

Good for him – a very nice story.