Live from Owings Mills: Harbaugh said team has turned page on Atlanta, respect toward Panthers

November 15, 2010 | Ryan Chell

The Baltimore Ravens spent some extra time Monday going over what went wrong Thursday night down in Atlanta-and how to fix it as the team prepares for the Carolina Panthers, so much so that Ravens coach John Harbaugh’s weekly press conference was pushed back almost a half-hour.

“It was a good practice,” Harbaugh said. “The guys were excited to get back to work.”

“We went through the game tape. We spent a good deal of time on that and that was productive. We tried to make the corrections and get ready for a tough football game on Sunday.”

The Ravens will travel to take on the 1-8 Carolina Panthers on Sunday at 1PM.

The Ravens were disappointed with their showing Thursday in their 26-21 loss to the Falcons last week, but overall, Harbaugh said the team understands that that’s how the cards were dealt.

“I’d rather be 9-0,” Harbaugh said. “Are we happy we’re 6-3? No. But that’s what we are.”

And despite the loss that Pittsburgh received to the New England Patriots on Sunday-which keeps the Ravens atop the AFC North-the Ravens coach ultimately feels like that Thursday was a chance to make up some ground in the AFC Playoff picture.

“Every time you don’t win in this league, it’s a missed opportunity,” Harbaugh replied.

And the Ravens don’t expect any other teams to let up when they square off against them.

“You look around the league, it’s tough. Week-in and week-out, it’s a battle every single week, and teams pull things out by the skin of their teeth and lose games just the same way. And it’s close,(cont)

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