Live O’s Blog: The first six innings and Bergesen’s debut

April 21, 2009 | Drew Forrester

10:10 pm — Nick Markakis is on fire.  He’s 3-for-3 tonight and has just tied the game at 3-3 with a double into the gap between center and right field to score Brian Roberts.

Jose Contreras continues to battle for the White Sox on the mound.  How old is he, 52?

At this point, he’s thrown 71 pitches, 41 for strikes.

He won’t see the 7th inning tonight.  At least not from the mound, anyway.

And I’m not going to see the 7th inning either.  I’m going to bed.

Remember, I called it 6-5 Orioles.

My thanks once again to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I always sleep better armed with the knowledge that Flyers fans are suffering tonight.

Talk to you in about eight hours.


10:00 pm — Chicago has moved ahead 3-2 at OPACY after the top of the 5th inning.  Brad Bergesen has been good tonight. His fastball has dipped down to the 88-90 MPH category now — it peaked at 94 in the 2nd inning.  On the whole though, he’s a welcome addition.


9:50 pm — Felix Pie swung at the first pitch in the bottom of the 4th.  And grounded out to first with Gregg Zaun on second.

It’s hard to watch the kid at the plate, because he’s so “out of his element” to borrow a phrase from The Big Lebowski.

Still 2-2 at OPACY as we move to the top of the 5th.

Brad Bergesen might be a godsend for this ghastly starting rotation.  At least he throws strikes.  And works quickly.

I just wish someone would tell Buck and Hunter how to pronounce his name.


9:40 pm — An inning opening walk to Chris Getz came back to haunt Brad Bergesen in the 4th inning as the White Sox scored twice thanks in part to an error from Ty Wigginton at 3rd base and a good piece of hitting by Jermaine Dye.

At least I can go to bed now “whenever” instead of having to sit through a potential no-hitter.

In Philadelphia, by the way, I’m very pleased to report that the Penguins have just gone up 3-games-to-1 over the Flyers with a 3-1 win tonight.  Typically, I’m not a Pens fan.  Not at all, in fact.  But it’s wonderful to watch those Philly fans lumber out of the Wachovia Center with their orange-clad hockey bums failing in front of them.  And if Pittsburgh does the deed, I don’t really care.

Back to baseball.


9:27 pm — Aubrey Huff just pounded one deep into left field…fairly close to the Warehouse maybe?…and the O’s are up 2-0. Nick Markakis was on base after his 2nd hit of the night.

Now, Brad Bergesen goes back to work for the O’s with the lead and a no-hitter to worry about.

I’m hoping Chicago grinds out a hit here.  I’m beat.

Just my luck, this friggin’ kid will carry a no-hitter through 7 innings or something like that and I’ll be up until 11:30 pm.

He’s already better than Adam Eaton and Mark Hendrickson, combined.


9:20 pm — Thanks in part to a couple of nice defensive plays from 3rd baseman Ty Wigginton, Brad Bergesen has a no-hitter going through 3 innings tonight at Camden Yards.

Is it too early to talk about it?  Well, I just did.

For me, personally, I kinda hope the Sox get a hit here soon.  I’m starting to doze off…but I won’t hit the sack until the no-hitter is ruined.

By the way, is it me or did A.J. Pierzynski lolly-gag down to first base on that ground ball in the 3rd inning?

If he did lolly-gag, do you know what that makes him?


9:15 pm —  If you walk Felix Pie, you should be sent to the minors.  0 for his last 16 — and Pie was just walked by Jose Contreras.  That’s worse than walking the pitcher.

O’s have a small 2nd inning rally brewing — well, never mind.  Cesar Izturis just grounded out to end the inning.

At least Felix Pie got on base.  That’s a win of sorts.  In fact, it had been so long for Pie, he started trotting down to 3rd base when the ump called ball four.


9:05 pm — It’s still 0-0 at Camden Yards.  Brad Bergesen has faced 6 hitters in two innings of work and has allowed only one walk.

The Bill Curtis “I’m faster than XXXX” commercials are really funny.  Not sure if the Mayweather or Roddick commercial is better, but they’re both worth watching.


9:00 pm — These are the little things that make me shake my head.  As part of “get to know Brad Bergesen night” on MASN, they’re running a scroll on the screen with neat little tidbits about him:  favorite movie, book, athlete, etc.

Only one problem:  MASN’s scroll says, “Getting to know Bergeson”.

It’s Bergesen – with an “e” – not an “o”.

That kind of stuff is aggravating and, obviously, inexcusable.

Jermaine Dye just walked on four pitches.

So much for the perfect game.


8:55 pm — Nick Markakis dumped one into left field to stretch his hitting streak to 8 games but Aubrey Huff grounded out to end the inning.  Lou Montanez tapped one in front of the catcher and was thrown out at first in his first at-bat of the season in the major leagues.  Those are the highlights so far.


8:48 pm — He’s already better than Adam Eaton.  Brad Bergesen went 3 up, 3 down in the first inning tonight.  He topped out at 94 MPH.  If the first inning is any indication, he doesn’t use the breaking ball much.  But he throws the ball near the plate and has – at first blush – pretty good command.  And he got Carlos Quentin on a 3-2 sinker to end the inning that was – as they say in the Majors – “nasty”.


8:42 pm —  So far, so good.  In fact, Brad Bergesen hasn’t allowed a hit yet in the majors.  Chris Getz just knocked one sharply down to 3rd baseman Ty Wigginton, who threw him out at first and the Bergesen career starts off without a hitch.  One thing for sure:  the kid doesn’t waste any time between pitches.  He literally takes about 10 seconds between pitches.


8:40 pm — These two guys are better than watching the game itself.  Hunter and Martinez continue to both pronounce Bergesen’s name differently and it’s almost as if they’re in a small “peeing match” with one another…as in, “I’m not going to change the way I say it….you change.”  Moments ago, Buck Martinez said, “The culture is changing in the O’s clubhouse and part of that change is the man you see there…Brad Bergesen.”  Memo to Buck:  The kid’s career record is 0-0.  I’m fairly certain the players aren’t ready to buy extra playoff tickets for their family and friends quite yet.


8:37 pm — Within 30 seconds of one another, the two broadcasters on MASN pronounced Bergesen’s name differently.

Jim Hunter:  “BERG-eh-sen”

Buck Martinez: “BERGE-eh-sen”

I don’t care how it’s pronounced, but will someone with the esteemed O’s PR staff please find out how you pronounce the kid’s name and slip a note to the announcers?


8:35 pm — It’s just about time to play ball at Camden Yards and within minutes, the Brad Bergesen era begins in Baltimore.

My “official” prediction for tonight (forgot to make it on the show today):  O’s 6 – White Sox 5

Bergesen works 4.2 innings, gives up 7 hits, 3 earned runs and departs as the team’s new savior.

I won’t be staying up for the whole game tonight.  Some of us actually “work” for a living, you know.

“Blame it on the rain” as the song goes.


I remember watching Bull Durham and seeing Kevin Costner’s character put an end to his team’s losing ways by orchestrating a rain delay…turning on the infield sprinkler system in the middle of the night.

The sprinkler-system from above is currently turned on at OPACY as rainfall has moved into the downtown area and tonight’s start has been delayed.

Brad Bergesen (MASN’s Jim Hunter is calling him:  BERG-eh-sen…Joe Angel called him “BERGE-eh-sen” on Monday — so, who knows, really?) is set to make his major league debut tonight in Baltimore.

That’s worth waiting out the rain delay, although I’m going to buzz over to watch the Flyers lose to the Penguins for a while.

Back with more when it stops raining.