Local hoops: Morgan State beats Towson

February 21, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Review –  On a day when Maryland played their best game of the season, we saw firsthand how good Morgan State is at the Towson Center, as they romped over Towson, 80-64.  Todd Bozeman’s team is good.  I can’t say how impressed I was with their performance today.  Towson didn’t shoot the ball very well and the Bears rebounded like demons.  And, in the end, the Morgan State shooters were just too good. I’m off to the RAC Arena for a UMBC Women’s game, so I don’t have much time for a full review.  Morgan State is a good team.  There’s my full review. 


5:00 remaining/2nd half –  Towson trails by 14 still as the Morgan State Bears continue to impress here at the Towson Center.  It’s 68-54 Bears, as Jermaine Bolden has just hit a shot from the Mount Pleasant Golf Course.  It was every bit of 30 feet.  Some days… 


9:45 remaining/2nd half –  It’s getting out of hand now.  The Morgan State Bears have opened up a 15-point lead here at the Towson Center, 62-47.  Make no mistake about it, this is a GOOD Morgan State team.  If they survive the MEAC tournament, they’ll be an interesting 15 or 16 seed in the NCAA tournament.  They can shoot, they’re quick in transition and they’re willing to crash the boards even though they’re not necessarily “big” underneath.  Today’s game is a microcosm of Towson’s season to date.  They can’t defend the 3 very well, can’t defend under the basket very well and don’t have a good-to shooter that can keep them in the game on the offensive end.   Good, lively crowd here today at the Towson Center…somewhere in the 2,500 range?


12:35 remaining/2nd half –  Reggie Holmes, the Maryland killer, is on his way to being a Towson killer today as well.  Holmes has 8 points in the 2nd half including a pair of 3-pointers as the Morgan State Bears are up 56-45 at the 7:24 mark of the 2nd half.  Just too, too many easy baskets for the Bears down low as they crash the boards on every miss and convert at least 75% of the time off of those chances.  Troy Franklin has been Towson’s best player in the second half.  But Morgan State is an athletic bunch and the Tigers just don’t have an answer for them…yet.


15:54 remaining/2nd half –  Morgan State withstood an early Towson run and have upped their lead to 7 at 44-37.  Junior Hairston is back on the floor for the Tigers, which is good news for Towson – they can’t possibly win today without him.  Towson came out in a 2-3 zone to start the second half, something they hadn’t used at all in the first 20 minutes.  They’ve done a better job of keeping the ball out on the perimeter by doing so.


Halftime – Josh Thornton hit back to back 3-pointers to pull the Towson Tigers to win four points with 2:00 remaining in the half, but Morgan State continued to dominate down low with a couple of late buckets and a big 3-pointer with five seconds left to put Todd Bozeman’s Bears up by nine at the half, 39-30.  Wasn’t that the same score they had at College Park?  Weird… – Jermaine Bolden (14) leads Morgan State in scoring, while Jarrel Smith (14) paces Towson through 20 minutes of play.


3:20 remaining/1st half – Towson trails Morgan State, 30-24, with just about three minutes left in the first half.   Too many easy baskets down low for the Bears, who aren’t the biggest team in the world…but they’re bigger than Towson.  Junior Hairston is bothered by a right shoulder injury and he left the game with 5:00 to go in the first half.  He took off a protective brace right in front of me and said to himself, “No way”, after trying to raise his right arm.  


8:00 remaining/1st half –  Todd Bozeman has an athletic bunch, that’s for sure.  Morgan State leads the Tigers, 26-17, but if not for Junior Hairston, the Tigers would be getting run down to Hillen Rd.  Hairston has 7 of Towson’s last 8 points.  Morgan State is just too quick for Towson.  Pat Kennedy has called a time-out and his loud welcome-speech was, “Guys, you’ve GOT to get back on defense!”.  Bozeman has a good basketball team…their record in the MEAC is not a fluke.  This is where I’d insert the “maybe Morgan St. and Maryland would be a better match-up today…” – but Maryland already tried that once this year and it didn’t work out.  


13:50 remaining/1st half –  Towson is off to their usual slow start and Morgan State has opened up a 16-8 lead here at the Towson Center.  Jarrel Smith has 5 points for the Tigers in the early going, but Towson’s inability to defend down low has hurt them.  Four of Morgan’s early baskets have come from close range.


Good crowd here today at the Towson Center to see the Tigers host Morgan State in a “Bracketbuster” game.

Both sides of the stands have gobs of people…meaning folks from Hillen Rd. have made the trek north (3 miles) to check this one out.

Morgan State leads the MEAC with an 11-2 mark.  Towson is 4-12 in the CAA.

Today’s game, of course, is a non-conference game.  

Back with the details.