Locker Rooms – Off Limits

September 16, 2010 | Tom Federline

Real Simple – No “reporters” (male or female) allowed in the Locker/Dressing Rooms. Here we go again people, as reported this past weekend, Ms. Ines Sianz (TV Azteca) vs. the New York Jets, allegations of rude remarks made toward an attractive female “sports reporter”. Once again, the sports and national media feeding off the discrimination/sexual harrassment ticket. I have many  issues with this one, but let’s keep it down to two: 1. Ms. Sianz chose her profession – deal with it. 2. Why would any reporter want to be in the Locker Room in the first place?

For one – it smells. Two – it’s crowded. Three – it smells. Four – it’s half or full naked men running around in towels, that are either happy, mad, stink, all “Axed” up or on a bee-line to get home. Five – it smells. So, unless you are female or gay or have no sense of smell…….Why are you in the Mens Locker Room?

Is it to “get the first interview?’ Is it to “get the scoop?” Is it to be the one who asks “the first stupid question?”  Is it to be the station that reports on some of the most “eloquent responses to those repeated mundane questions?” Stupid reporter in a room where they shouldn’t be – “How do you feel after losing 62 -3?” Rocknut response – “Uh, good not. Must do better. Hungry.” They have either won or they lost. They played or they didn’t. They were good or they stunk (literally). In most stadiums, there are rooms and areas designated for interviews. There are Press Rooms. There are large Service Corridors outside of the Locker Rooms. There are parking lots. Why does the media have to be in these guys bathroom?

Over-blown situation at hand: An attractive “sports reporter” gets heckled with rude comments. If this happened – Were the rocknut Jets immature? Yep. Were the rocknuts out-of-line? Yep. Should they be fined? No – unless its substantial. They don’t care – they are making $40,000 – $100,00 per game on average. Should they be reprimanded by an “in-house” mentor? Absolutely. Did Ms. Sianz know what she was getting into with this profession? Yep. Can Ms. Sianz control what she wears on interviews? Yep. Does Ms. Sianz know the power of publicity? Yep. Both parties are in the wrong here. Do not fuel the fire. Eliminate a potential spark. Keep everybody out of the Locker Room.

Now, this woman reports strictly for TV Azteca? So it’s all Spanish? Because I did not here one grammatically correct English sentence come out of her mouth. Or does that matter? Who would you rather be interviewed by:

Ms. Ines Sianz?

Ines Sainz: NFL Investigates Jets

or Chucky?

What has sports reporting come to? Is the true meaning of sport being portrayed to the fan? Does it all run together? Has it become just “eye candy”? Sports is 24 hours a day thru TV, computer, newspaper, phone, etc….how do we keep your attention? Does 90% of it even matter? When did it all “Stop Making Sense?” – (Talking Heads). Yes, I am referring to the whole album (1984) and the concert movie that followed. Because gang, that is about the time (early 80’s), when it “stopped” and “started” making sense to me. The Fix, the Scams, the corruption, the lack of common sense, cable television, computers, information over-load, etc. All great discussions for blogs to follow. Just go play the album, you will thank me.

Let’s stay “old school” – simply take the Locker Room out of the equation. The sports media shouldn’t even be in there in the first place. Rude people will always be rude people – Deal with it. Try this Ms. Sianz and “hard up sports media” – don’t even acknowledge the rudeness. Oh that’s right, you want the publicity, you need the publicity.

On a more positive note – How ’bout ‘dem O’s? Now there’s a story worth reporting on. Orioles blog will follow!