Look Out Gary Williams- Coach Frese Is Taking Over College Park

March 27, 2008 |

Who ever thought that the Women’s Basketball team would be taking over at College Park? I guess that’s what happens when the team wins 142 games in the last 6 yrs while dropping only 34. In addition- Head Coach Brenda Frese took a program in shambles– out recruited everyone– and became the 5th youngest coach to win a National Championship.  She’s been on every newspaper, every tv station, and most importantly- been a topic of conversation all over College Park.  You want proof? Check out the attendance at the Comcast Center for the NCAA tournament. It was most attended Rounds 1 and 2 of an NCAA Women’s Tournament EVER– and it was over EASTER weekend. Amazing….

I’d like to give former assitant Jeff Walz credit for his hard work also. Jeff recruited 7 days a week and was able to recruit the top point guard in the country (Kristy Tolliver), and 2 of the top “bigs” in the country (Crystal Langhorne and Laura Harper). Coach Walz worked so hard- that he was rewarded by getting the head coaching job at Louisville. Oh- by the way- Louisville is now in the Sweet 16. If they make it to the Championship game- they may face Maryland for the NCAA title.

The Women’s team is the toast of College Park. I’d pay to see them scrimmage the men’s team. The men’s team would win- but I’d love to see them score a few against Gary’s Guys.

Go Lady Terps!!