Look what we’ve become

April 30, 2008 | Keith Melchior

It’s a sad thing that we Americans are more interested in the sports and entertainment world than we are on things that are of utmost importance to our everyday lives.

American Idol and Dancing With the Stars are top rated TV shows. People  like Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Brangelina, TomKat and what is going on in their lives is more important to us than our own families sometimes. Sports figures are getting salaries in multi-millions while the middle-class working family struggles to earn 6 figures combined.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. We are like sheep and we will continue to pay top dollar to see these people perform because we need their form of entertainment to take us away from the harsh realieties of high energy prices, higher food prices, workplace and home-life stress.

Now this trend has evolved into the military academies as I see the Army has changed their committment periods for elite athletes. How is that fair to the non-athletes? It isn’t.  When you sign up for military service, you commit to them for a certain period of time, then when your time is up you can choose to re-enlist or not. Just because you are an elite athlete, you are given the choice to opt out much sooner than the common enlistees?  What happened to committment? What happened to serving your country? What has happened to US? 

Reality TV, sports and entertainment has taken over our lives. We’ll continue to pay higher prices for concerts, sporting events, gasoline, gas/electric, so others can get ahead in life. But who is looking out for us?

Do Roger Clemens, Ray Lewis or A-Rod care about Johnny Fan who works at the car wash 6 days a week just to make enough money to pay to see them play a game? No. SO why should Johnny Fan care about them? Because Johnny Fan needs to be entertained so he can scream and yell to relieve his stress and forget about his 6 day work week.

This is reality.