Loud Mouth vs. Soft Spoken (Jets vs. Pats)

January 13, 2011 | Michael Schwartz

Rex Ryan, the loud mouth, trash talking coach against Bill Belichick the soft spoken coach. There is a big difference between the two, but both have good teams and good schemes. Bill Belichick’s team is carried by Tom Brady, who is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and a possible MVP. Rex Ryan and the Jets are led by the defense; they don’t really have one particular leader. Mark Sanchez is a young quarterback, but his is not their leader. Their biggest leader is probably L.T. He is a veteran, and has had a very good year. On the defensive side, Jason Taylor is a veteran who has made speeches to them about the playoffs and playing for as long as he has. The big difference between these two teams is their schemes on each side of the ball. The Patriots are a great passing team, and set up the run with the pass. The Jets run the ball to set up the pass, and this is because Mark Sanchez is not as good as Tom Brady. Sanchez is a second year player, and Brady is a three time Super Bowl winner. There is an obvious difference between the two. The Jets defense relies on pressure to get to the quarterback to force turnovers. The Patriots like to send their four down lineman and drop into coverage. Rex Ryan lives by the blitz and dies by the blitz. Belichick blitzes when on third and longs, or plays where he knows his guys can get to the quarterback. The Patriots have a very young defense led by Jerrod Mayo, who plays middle linebacker. They have the youngest defense in the NFL, but on the line is veteran Vince Wilfork. One of the best defensive tackles in the league because he plugs up the middle with his 350 pound plus body frame. This game will depend on the Jets offense being able to score 25+ points, unless their defense can hold the Patriots under 21. That is a very tough task, because in their last meeting the Patriots won 45-3. The Jets need to run early and often and keep Tom Brady off of the field.

The Patriots offense will score points if the Jets can’t get to Tom Brady. They have Darrelle Revis on one side, and he takes one receiver out of the game but he can’t guard everyone. Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson are the other two cover corners. Cromartie has had a good year, but last time these teams met, Brady shredded him. Darrelle Revis took Reggie Wayne out of the mix last week, and this week he will try to take out Deion Branch or Wes Welker. If he can do this the Patriots will have to rely on Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. These are two good tight ends but they have never played in a post season game so they will likely be nervous. The Patriots will need to run the ball effectively by Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead. The Jets defense will blitz Tom Brady and if they can get pressure than the Patriots will be in trouble. Brady doesn’t have speed to get away from pass rushers, and if the Jets are effective then the Patriots will lose. The Jets thrive on stopping the run and making team’s one dimensional, but versus the Patriots they need to stop the pass and then the run and they have a chance.

The Jets offense will have to worry about the Patriots pass rush since Mark Sanchez is not good at getting the ball out quick. The Jets are good at running the ball but their pass game is not that good. They beat the Colts because L.T got in the end zone twice, and ran effectively. They will need to run and that is no easy task since Vince Wilfork takes up the whole middle of the Patriots defense. Jerrod Mayo is a fast linebacker who can chase down running backs. The Jets will need to keep Brady off of the field and the only way to do that is by running the ball effectively. Scoring will be a tough thing against this Pats defense since they get a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Mark Sanchez will need to have a good game because the weakest part of the Patriots is their secondary. Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes will need to get open. Mark Sanchez should only throw 25 times in this game, and they should run the ball the rest of the time. Even though L.T is old, he has had a tremendous year and for them to have a chance in this game he needs to run the ball effectively.

Prediction: 27- 17 Patriots

The Patriots will win this game because their offense is too high powered for the Jets defense. The Jets offense can’t score points and that is a problem, they only scored 17 against the Colts defense and this Patriots defense is better. They held the Colts to 16 points, but the Patriots score touchdowns and the Colts couldn’t with all of the injuries their team has sustained throughout the year. The Patriots will stop the Jets running game and that is the only way they can win this game. Mark Sanchez cannot carry a team yet and they need to keep Tom Brady off of the field and that requires you to run the ball effectively. This game will be a one possession game in the fourth but Sanchez will make a mistake and it will cost them the game.