Love ya D-Mase, but come on

September 22, 2010 | Paul Hoke

So Derrick Mason issued a statement advising that he is not going to speak to the media for the remainder of the 2010 season.  Okay.  Thank you Derrick.  First of all, I kind of find it humorous that a guy has to speak to the media to tell them he’s not going to speak to the media, but hey, I’m just a football fan, what do I know.  But this disappoints me.  And, the reason that it disappoints me is because I’ve always kind of held D-Mase to a higher standard.  Sure, he’s complained in the past about not getting the ball enough, or the direction of the offense, or his brief retirement a few years back because of a contract dispute, but these are all things professional athletes, especially wide receivers, do.  They’re really the equivalent of that kid in your family who thinks his brother got a bigger piece of steak then he did.  And that’s fine.  I have no problem with that, because I know that Derrick Mason the Raven is going to give 110% in practice and on Sundays when it counts.  I say, keep talking D-Mase, show me that passion.

But coming out and saying, “I’m not talking to the media” after two games, to me, smells a lot different then a passionate player voicing his opinion.  As Drew stated, it’s bush league.  And I always thought Mason was above that.

Look, I’m sure that when the Ravens went out in the offseason and traded for Anquan Boldin, and signed Donte Stallworth, Mason had to know he wasn’t going to be #1 anymore.  #1 A or #1B maybe, but not the pure #1.  At his age, he isn’t a #1 anymore anyway.  I love Derrick Mason, and I truly believe that he is a slam dunk Ring of Honor guy.  But even he has to know that an upgrade at wide receiver was necessary for the Ravens to take that next step.  He’s a professional.  He talks about wanting a ring at this point in his career.  If he’s a second or third target this season, and the season ends with a Super Bowl ring, how important will that pity party he threw after Week 2 be?  Not very in my opinion.  If the Ravens go out and crush the Browns 41-3 this Sunday and Mason catches 4 passes for 72 yards and 2 touchdowns, does he lift his media ban and tell everyone that the offense is finally on track?  To me, this puts Derrick in a no win situation.  But I also think, why should I care?  No matter what happens, Derrick goes home to his nice house, and collects his paycheck every week.  Why should I worry about it when I go out and work a double shift in 90 degree heat dealing with some of society’s worst, while not making a tenth of what Mason gets paid.


Because I always thought that Mason was better then that.  I always thought that in a world full of Terrel Owens’, Chad Johnson’s, and Brandon Marshall’s, Derrick Mason was above all that.  Complain yes, but sit silent and pout….never.

And that’s why I care.  Tonight, I respect Derrick Mason less.  Instead of the steady wide receiver for my football team, I see him as a whiny, pouty spoiled soul.  And that’s a shame.

But, that’s why I’ve taught my 10 year old son that the real heroes are our military personnel, police, fire fighters, and teachers.  Not these super rich spoiled athletes.