LSU and local mixed martial arts

November 24, 2007 | WNST Staff

So my Saturday morning usually consist of running around doing some errands, getting my boys some doughnuts, doing some stuff around the house, and an occasional mma class, before I settle in to watch LSU play. Well today I will not be able to watch LSU since they were defeated yesterday by Arkansas in a great college football game. Yes it is disappointing, but I am still a fan and was still wearing my LSU gear this morning as at least five people came up to me and apologized what happened.

Oh well, life goes on and maybe the best thing to come out of this is that now I think there is a better chance that Les Miles stays at LSU instead of taking the Michigan coaching job.

I will do a more detailed blog later today or tomorrow, but I think the Ravens will come up short to the Chargers tomorrow. The Ravens are to beat up physically and the Chargers will pull out a 23-13 type win.

Want to send well wishes and safe trips to John Rallo and Binky Jones from Ground Control as they travel to Russia for Binky to get ready for his Bodog fight on the 30th. Binky is one of the instructors which I take classes under and is a great guy and always will do anything for anyone. Fox 45 recently did a story on him and Ground Control and trying to get MMA fights legalized in Maryland. Binky also made it through the tryouts of the IFL and will be fighting in the leagues next year. John Rallo — who is a guest every Thursday on the Rob Long Show — is also featured in the video.