O’s news: MacPhail’s pledge to spend sounds great to me

November 19, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I’m not sure which music to my ears is better:

The sound pouring out of First Mariner Arena tomorrow night when Bruce Springsteen takes the stage to belt 3 hours of his 40-year catalog.

Or the words I read from O’s GM Andy MacPhail today.

I’ll shorten it up for you.

“We’re going to spend money this off-season.”

That’s what Andy said.

And that’s music to my ears.

It might not be quite as good as hearing Springsteen do “Bobby Jean” tomorrow night, but it’s awfully doggone close.

Our O’s have already contacted the agents for John Lackey (pitcher) and Chone Figgins (3rd baseman).

Wouldn’t those two be a perfect fit at OPACY?

Yep, they sure would.

And if they’re both smart, they’ll come to Baltimore and sign faster than you can say “In Andy we trust”.

Lackey would be coming to a club deep in young pitching and would no doubt prosper from the fact that he’ll be signing on in a period of time that most of us faithful fans are predicting will be “a return to the glory years”.  In other words, if you were ever going to sign in Baltimore, NOW is the time to do it.  Lackey’s used to playing post-season baseball in Anaheim.  Well, if he signs with the O’s, he can expect to be quite busy throughout October in the immediate future.

Figgins, meanwhile, would be well served to take the same path as Lackey and catch a flight to BWI.  This team in Baltimore is ready to explode offensively and Figgins could certainly hop on the scoring bandwagon and contribute here.  Take away a few decent pitchers in the American League East (Sabathia, Halladay and Beckett) and Figgins could literally feast on the rest of the average pitching in the division.  Heck, there’s an argument the toughest arms in the A.L. East over the next five years might be guys on HIS team, so Figgins, like Lackey, should see this potential move for what it is:  a chance to get in on the ground floor.

And since MacPhail’s willing to spend money, both Lackey and Figgins would be logical candidates to come East.  Andy’s smart enough to know these two players represent an excellent opportunity to sure-up two of the team’s semi-weaknesses…starting pitching and 3rd base.  Of course, if they don’t get Lackey, they still have plenty of quality arms to rely on and a veteran 3rd baseman in Ty Wigginton.

For once, the O’s are operating from a position of strength in the off-season.

They’ve gone from doing the hunting to being the hunted.

It’s tough NOT to get excited with this hot-stove discussion.  The O’s are spending money this winter and players around the league are taking notice of the rebirth of baseball in Baltimore.

Spring’s just around the corner.