Major League Baseball: A National After Thought

October 30, 2011 | Marty Mossa

Let’s face it folks, Major league Baseball is no longer the National “Pastime”. Now I know that isn’t earth shattering news, I mean it hasn’t been for twenty or thirty years. But worst for baseball is this; not only is it not the National Pastime, it’s the National Afterthought.

They tell me this past World Series between St. Louis and Texas was one of the best in baseball history. According to the ratings people, practically nobody saw it. In fact World Series TV ratings have been subpar for years. In 2000 the opening game between the New York Yankees and New York Mets was beaten by the season premiere of the popular TV show Frasier. Most nobody cares about baseball anymore.

At work when I mentioned the series the other day, someone asked “what game are they in?” Another asked “who’s in it?” If this bit of evidence doesn’t convince you then I’ll give you exhibit C. Today while watching the Raven’s game, I had the Redzone on another TV. I saw Tony La Russa walk out on the field at the Ram’s game in a Ram’s jersey. He was carrying the World Series Trophy. I said to my wife, “Cool, Tony La Russa’s at the Ram’s game in a Ram’s jersey. She replied; “who’s Tony La Russa?” I rest my case your honor. MLB, nobody cares about you anymore!