Making a statement on National TV

March 29, 2008 | Glenn Clark

Coach Cottle and the Terps Lacrosse team deserve a lot of credit for what they were able to accomplish today.

From the opening face-off, the Terps clearly outmanned a #1, undefeated Virginia team; pulling out a 13-7 win.

Not only was this a big win ON the field; this was huge off the field as well, as the Byrd Stadium clash was televised across the country on ESPN2.

I was receiving texts this morning from friends in Arizona who said they found themselves captivated by the game. That’s HUGE for this sport.

Kudos to a young Terps team who now finishes ACC play at a VERY respcectable 2-1 clip and looks to build to the ACC Tournament and on towards May.

Meanwhile, Coach Petro needs to get some things figured out with his Jays, who lost 13-8 to North Carolina; their 4th consecutive defeat.