Man the Lions are terrible

December 15, 2009 | Paul Hoke

Poor Jim Schwartz. Look, I know that if you are an NFL coordinator, the next logical step is for you to become a head coach. No matter the team. No matter the challenge. There are only 32 of those jobs in the NFL, so when your number gets called, you answer the phone. But I’m thinking ol’ Schwarty wishes he let the answering machine get this call….that of course, is the Detroit Lions job.

This team is AWFUL! But we knew that. I knew that. I just didn’t realize they were THIS bad. And look, in their defense, they quit midway through the second quarter, so you really can’t measure their talent based on this past Sunday in Baltimore. It was cold, rainy, and with the exception of Culpepper, Kevin Smith, and Calvin Johnson, no other Lion seemed to want to be on the field. And who had to clean up the post game mess??? Baltimore’s own Jimmy Schwartz. It’s games like this that makes it clear that Paul from Towson could never be an NFL head coach. Because after that effort, I would come up to the podium and say this….”you can go ask the locker room full of millionaire quitters why we were embarrassed 48-3.” “I have zero answers for you. This team sucks, their work ethic sucks, their commitment to anything other then themselves suck.” I’m guessing that kind of post game rant would not go over well. Once again, that’s why I’m not an NFL head coach.

But the good part of this all is…my team came out on top of the 48-3 debacle. It was Ray Rice’s day. Over 200 total yards, in the first half! He had more total yards by himself then Detroit did. But I can’t get past the fact that the Lions are ungodly awful. Which unfortunately dampens what was a very impressive victory. Like I told my wife, correct, this was not a huge win. They simply took care of business. Had they lost, it would have been a devastating loss. If they had won 17-14, we would all be complaining about how could they only beat the Lions by 3. You could count me in on that one. But they didn’t. Joe was solid, throwing 13-20 for 230 yards and a hard fought Derrick Mason TD. Rice threw 166 rushing yards in to compliment Willis MacGahee’s 76. The defense over pursued on some of the Lions runs, but aside from that, they completely shut down and frustrated a meager Lion offensive attack. This was a complete victory over a terrible team. And boy did we need it.

Look, the Lions do have talent on the offensive side of the ball. Matt Stafford will be a decent NFL quarterback. Kevin Smith, his injury notwithstanding, is a very good tail back, and Calvin Johnson is a beast. I would take that kid on my team any day. Not to mention Pettigrew as a future tight end star. This team will be decent on offense in the future. Their defense….wow. That is the trainwreck of this team. I thought the Ravens had tackling issues. The Lions make the Ravens look like the 2000 team as far as defense goes. And like I said, poor Jim Schwartz. This is his team. His mess. He wanted a head coaching job. He got one. But as a fine product of the Baltimore City PUBLIC School system, I can repeat my mantra of the early 90’s…”Those private school boys never were very smart, just wealthy.”

Go Ravens!!!! Next up, Chicago.