Manny being Manny

July 27, 2008 |

I know this may be unpopular in these parts but I am a member of Red Sox Nation and I can tell Orioles’ fans that they should be very thankful that they don’t have Manny Rameriez on their team. 

I was a big Manny fan at first. I liked all of the stupid things he did. I was at the game against the O’s at Fenway when he cut Johnny Damon’s throw about 10 feet in front of him. I liked when he went into the wall during pitching changes.

I liked “Manny being Manny” because he was putting up monster numbers while he was doing them. I was in the stands for the high five double play earlier this season and loved every minute.

That is when it all changed for me. Manny attacks a Sox employee in Houston because he couldn’t meet his ticket demand. He talks on a cell phone in the Green Monster during a pitching change. He makes an horrible play on a ball in L.A. last week and is smiling afterwards. I am tired of him not running the bases hard which has cost the Sox a couple of times this season. He criticized ownership for apparently no reason. 

To cap it all off he misses two games with a phantom knee injury that even a MRI can’t find. His numbers have been down for the last 2 seasons. The funniest part is that the Red Sox have $20 million option for each of the next two seasons. 

Why exactly should Theo Epstein not laugh in his agent’s face when he asks if the option will be picked up? I can’t wait until Manny being Manny is someone elses headache.

The O’s may be struggling again this season but their fans should be very happy that Manny isn’t their problem.

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