Marathon – Guest Schedule …..

July 11, 2009 |

Well, OUR day has finally arrived. As we’re just a couple hours away from kicking-off our 24-Hour Marathon, “Curing Cancer ….. One Call At A Time,” I’m comfortable with releasing a pretty firm schedule of guest appearances. Below, find a rundown …..

12:15 – Antonio Freeman

1pm – Members of Styx

1:30pm – Merril Hoge

3pm – Warren Moon

3:30pm – Harbor Hospital

4pm – Marvin Lewis

4:30pm – Bruno Sammartino

5pm – Joe Flacco

7pm – Kyle Richardson

8pm – Matthew Berry

2am – Christine Ohlmann

7am – John Kruk

8am – Kevin Healy

10am – Pam Shriver

Keep checking back for updates …..

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