March Madness Upsets Day 1

March 20, 2008 |

Madness is here whether you like basketball or not. Today and tomorrow are always circled on my calendar to take off for the two day extravaganza of hoop action. So what am I doing today? Glad you asked. I’m at work today. Why? Thanks for asking again. Well it seems that my boss thinks of me so much that he can’t afford to have me take off two straight afternoons, let alone two full days. I should feel proud that I am that important to the team, but I’m going to sit here eat my wife’s stuffed shells and stare at the CBS Scoreboard on my computer and follow the action from my tush in my office.

Well I would love to give you all my first day picks… but I’ll just give you upsets. Here we go…

#12 Temple will beat #5 Michigan State. I have heard Izzo on the radio all week talking highly about HIS team and expressing his feelings about how far THEY can go. I see them looking to far ahead. Temple shocks them. ** UPDATE ** Wrong! Looked good for about 15 minutes then MS blew the game up.

#11 Kentucky will handle #6 Marquette. After a slow start Billy Gillispie has his team ” Tournament Ready “. Kentucky may win two games. ** UPDATE ** Wrong. Maybe be Tournament Ready… it meant they had their bags packed.

#11 Kansas State will barely beat #6 USC. This game is a match up of two of the great freshman in the country. Michael Beasley ( maybe Wooden Award Winner ) vs O. J ” BLT, but hold the ” Mayo. I see Beasley being too much of a beast in the block late in the game… K-State wins in OT on free throws. ** UPDATE ** and BINGO was his name oh! Beasley is a Beast!!!

#13 Winthrop beats #4 Washington State. Now I’m only picking Winthrop because it reminds me of the character in Eddie Murphy’s movie ” Trading Places “. This is by far the game I know the least about. So what the heck. ** UPDATE ** Wrong… it was just a guess ( sort of like the rest of the picks ).

#10 Arizona handles #7 West Virginia. Arizona will make a run in this tournament. First things first… handle the Mountaineers and move on. ** UPDATE ** By handle I meant their bags to the hotel.

1-4 on those upsets. Let’s try to do better Friday.

That’s all the upsets I see today. maybe I can forecast a few more tomorrow. Enjoy the basketball… I know I will! Well… I will tonight anyway. Bosses… urgh!